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There are many houses on today's market for sale and some are too cluttered while other are too sparse. Some appeal to only woman while some appeal to only men. So what's the role of a home stager?First we must first make sense of the space. If there are elements in the room that have not made se...
As a professional home stager I have had the privilege of visiting many homes over the past several years. Whiel decluttering is always a must, removing large scale furniture is right on the list with it. This is a very common problem that many sellers make. Time and time again, professional home...
As the popularity of HGTV grows and more and more sellers are being educated on the value of staging their homes for sale I have found that even simple changes can make a dramatic difference. Sellers know they need to do something, but most lack the decorating gene. That is where the professional...
I seem to be coming across the same response from realtors lately and frankly I find it a little confusing. Who set the price of staging in stone that has frightened many people away? And who is telling realtor's that they need to pay for the staging of their clients home? HMMM?? Over the last f...
 Sometimes just changing out the bedding, artwork and accessories will change the feel of the room. This bedroom went from traditional to contemporary in 1 hour. When staging a home to sell it is important to know your target market. Will the buyer most likely be a single person or a first time b...
So many days I jump out of bed and into the shower readying myself to run out the door. It's all about running to that next consultation or next staging. Got to be there on time, got to do this or get that done. Does this sound like you?The Bible states: "What does it profit a man if he gains the...
Hey everyone, do you remember my first staging consultation of 2008? Probably not, but I thought I would remind you.....LIZARDS and RATS and GOD knows what else was lurking in the cages....ahhh, yes that does sound familiar, right?? Well in case you forgot, here are the befores to remind you...Wi...
Sellers sometimes the simplest of things to do that will add warmth and appeal to your home is to add the color RED!! Red is a vibrant, warm color that immediately invites you into a room. Think of how warm your home feels at Christmas time. WHY?? Red is used throughout your home as a decoration....
Okay it is not that often that you find a Master Bedroom this size. From the time I saw this space I just knew I had to do something special with I thought of turning it into a Master Suite. Let's face it, some people don't have living rooms this size, so you just know that this will appe...
In today's competitive market it is important to show your home in it's best possible light. When selling a vacant house it is hard for a buyer to envision their furniture in the space. Selling features in the room get lost and buyers eyes are only drawn to the negatives of the room, not the posi...

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