design: OMGosh WestEdge Design Fair - 10/05/13 03:52 AM
This last week was so stimulating and rewarding because of attending the WestEdge Design Conference in Santa Monica.  So nice to hear what people are talking about and see what people are doing.  The understanding that the West Coast and the Beach bring in their very own issues for architecture, design and product material.  The fact that technology changes quickly and in new and old buildings, it needs to be given a special consideration of its own.  The fact that the most beautiful of the pieces, with the most reaction are more organic, simpler, and top quality, with once again, a … (0 comments)

design: OMGosh DoD Los Angeles - 06/28/11 01:48 PM
I attended the DoD presentation at LA Convention Center this last weekend, and it was so interesting to hear so often that we were the last stop on the show.  So amazing it was to hear that everyone on the East side had no real concept of what we on the West Coast.  Yes, California has Hollywood, but the West Coast dwellers, have their own culture and issues when it comes to comfort, design and function.  For example, did you know that most of those that live within 1 mile of the Pacific Ocean don't usually have air conditioning, because it … (2 comments)

design: OMGosh - Spring and Freshness - 04/19/11 03:24 PM
Today in California it is amazingly Spring in all areas. I am working on a great project, it is so refreshing, but I am not finished so I can't share all the pictures.
But with the day and the way the economy is going, it is good to hear that so many realtors are getting more used to Home Stagers.  Many seem to have been so hesitant to get involved, but the pictures on the net, show the quality of staging, and how some of it does great and some of it is not so great.
Now that it is a … (0 comments)

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