home staging: OMGosh - 3 weeks before Christmas - 12/07/11 05:32 PM
Wow, another week of excitement.  Wild winds, no power, and no fires.  However, the flight in the windstorm was crazy, the tail winds were so fast that the plane never stopped shaking.  The temperatures in SoCal are so bad, that in the high desert, the temperature is 16F degrees.  Anyway, it is definitely feeling like a Christmas, the only thing missing is the snow on the beach????  Well anyway, the good news is that the Chirstmas spirit is alive and well.  Tomorrow is 2 hours first thing in the morning at church, wrapping gifts for the less fortunate.  I have just … (0 comments)

home staging: OMGosh - Radio Show Today - 07/28/11 10:43 AM
Today I did the first of a series of radio shows on the internet called "Staging with Pia".  It was terrible.  They set me up up with one interviewer, and then at the last moment put me on the air with another person that was not as exciting. 
Oh well, not worth worrying about.  The information is the same and life is to short to be upset.  Live is always interesting. Much better than talking off the cuff.
Happy Days and as my Feng Shui Master told me yesterday, always harness the good energy and let the bad energy go.

home staging: OMGosh - Websites - 07/01/11 10:30 AM
I am so excited.  I finally have a web page that I am excited about and that is almost finished.  I been spending days getting it to look good.  I had to help and it was really frustrating at times, but it is finally almost done for the next 4 days, till I figure out how to add my blog.
Happy Fourth to all, enjoy and be safe

home staging: OMGosh It is almost July - 06/30/11 06:50 AM
Well, now that we have got rid of June gloom, (the marine cover in the beach area) that makes it cool and foggy in June, we are well on our way to a beautiful July.  The 4th of July is predicted to be hot, 90 degrees at the beach, and even triple digits inland.  Now that is the way July usually starts out.
We love the 4th.  But this year it will be a new experience.  We have changed our eating habits over the last year, and we only eat healthy foods now.  No fried, grilled, but not excess, very plain, … (1 comments)

home staging: OMGosh DoD Los Angeles - 06/28/11 01:48 PM
I attended the DoD presentation at LA Convention Center this last weekend, and it was so interesting to hear so often that we were the last stop on the show.  So amazing it was to hear that everyone on the East side had no real concept of what we on the West Coast.  Yes, California has Hollywood, but the West Coast dwellers, have their own culture and issues when it comes to comfort, design and function.  For example, did you know that most of those that live within 1 mile of the Pacific Ocean don't usually have air conditioning, because it … (2 comments)

home staging: OMGosh - The technical world - 05/18/11 05:25 PM
Okay, I know you all think my numerical age in some way affects or is it effects, not sure about that one, but anyway, impairs my ability to understand web stuff and software programs, and that might be true.  But I tell you, I have been lost in the internet world for two days, only to find out that Wordpress is a blogging software, that is compatible with GoDaddy, but iWeb is a Mac program to make a website that is not compatible with my host.  So Rapidweaver is a program to make a website, but I still haven't figured it … (2 comments)

home staging: OMGosh - Spring and Freshness - 04/19/11 03:24 PM
Today in California it is amazingly Spring in all areas. I am working on a great project, it is so refreshing, but I am not finished so I can't share all the pictures.
But with the day and the way the economy is going, it is good to hear that so many realtors are getting more used to Home Stagers.  Many seem to have been so hesitant to get involved, but the pictures on the net, show the quality of staging, and how some of it does great and some of it is not so great.
Now that it is a … (0 comments)

home staging: OMGosh - 02/02/11 03:16 PM
Reaching for the Sky is jumping off the ground next month and I am very excited.  We will be traveling through the West Coast starting in Southern California, looking to help people with short sales and other sales of their properties.
We have seen the pictures, and we know now by those pictures, that the population out there really needs our help, so hope that your one of the lucky ones and look for us in the near future.

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