mary pichardo adobe country realty mira loma california: Mira Loma Come on, Don't hit the snooze button! - 02/27/08 05:43 AM
This may be a small town, however, Don't hit the snooze button.  If you want a great place to raise your kids in a family friendly neighborhood, Check it out. Thats all I am Saying. Is your job transferring you to Southern California? Are you tired of all the big city hustle and bustle? Have you always wanted to own horse property? Nows the time to check it out.  I have lived here for 18 years now I am raising my children here. They are gifted the school takes care of them.  They Have received awards in Reading , Math , Science,  … (0 comments)

mary pichardo adobe country realty mira loma california: Buyers Market! - 02/27/08 04:15 AM
I wonder if any of you seasoned professionals can give me a few good pointers on finding the buyers.  They seem to be hiding in my neighborhood. I am all over the net, I drive around town with magnets on my car(drivers side, passenger side, even the tailgate). I network, My signs have my name and my Cell number only. Where are they?  Where did they all go?  How can I go about finding a good qualified Buyer?.  What are some of your best Ideas?  (If you don't mind sharing!)I have been selling Real Estate for 3 Years, as of late I am finding it … (7 comments)

mary pichardo adobe country realty mira loma california: Blog Blog Blog! - 02/27/08 03:39 AM
Sometimes when I am trying to think of what to blog about next I stop and think Blog Blog Blog!  What do I blog about today.  Do I have anything useful to say today?  Why bother!  Then I think maybe I can think of a funny story I heard or some great information I heard (must verify first), How about a hometown event?  Some times I feel like I am just Rambling in the ears of others.  But I find that when I do ask questions I get answers (imagine that)! You will never know if someone is going to read … (6 comments)

mary pichardo adobe country realty mira loma california: Comments For Points? - 02/26/08 04:16 AM
I don't know about all of you, I like to comment on others blogs. Not for points (of course that is a plus), Rather Because I enjoyed their blog, or learned something new, or simply liked the catchy title. I comment even if I reached my 10 for the day. I like the idea of networking, it helps us learn for more seasoned pros and we can help newbies, or others who may not have experienced something we have in the past. That is why I comment on blogs why do you comment? Is it just for points, or is it for the … (28 comments)

mary pichardo adobe country realty mira loma california: International Festival in Mira Loma! - 02/26/08 03:28 AM
Well today I am blogging about Sky Country Elementary School in Mira Loma.  On Saturday March 8, 2008 the School Will Be having their annual Sky Country International Festival. It is a really fun Community Event.  Each class is represents a Different Country.  There is Food, Games, Raffle all proceeds go directly for school use IE: Field trips and supplies for the Children. It is a win-win situation. The Children in the community love and look forward to it every year.  You do not have to have a child registered at the school to go. Parents and their children, Uncles Aunts. Grandparents., Fun is to be had … (2 comments)

mary pichardo adobe country realty mira loma california: Free Computer training at the Library! - 02/25/08 06:06 AM
In theJurupa community our Library is now offering Free computer training, Starting with the most basic of basic information for the newest of newbies on up.  We have a great Library system is Riverside County California. First they had and still have story time for different age groups then they added a bi-lingual story time for children. The have an adult literacy program, Free Karate And now Free Computer Class for newbies on up. Congratulations to them for a Job Well Done!

mary pichardo adobe country realty mira loma california: Today in Mira Loma The forecast Calls For Blue Skies! - 02/25/08 05:32 AM
The place, Mira Loma California, 11:21 Am.  When I woke up this morning it was cold and Dark. As the morning progressed the Sun came over the horizon Bright and beautifull. Today the rain is no more, The sky is a beautiful shade of blue. The air is clear. You see clear skies as far as the eye can see. You can see Snow on the Mountains in the distance. Spring is in the air. Here in so Ca our rain totals are over 13" compare it to last year just under 3" for the year. Taking my Children to school … (1 comments)

mary pichardo adobe country realty mira loma california: I JUST GOOGLED MYSELF. "WOW" - 02/22/08 04:17 AM
I just went and did a google search on myself and WOW!  Before when I would I could never find anything.  Today I did it and I came up on AR first, not to mention point2agent  under Adobe country realtyand so on.  Wow and Thank You to the powers that be.  Active Rain is GREAT!  I even was directed to my website. This is very different then I am used to. As a blogging newbie and being new to AR (only just over a week) I am very happy with the results so far!

mary pichardo adobe country realty mira loma california: Mira Loma California - 02/21/08 01:38 PM
I got this Idea from another member to the AR.  Everyday I will blog a little about the community I live in.  Mira Loma is a small town in Western Riverside County So. California.  It is a very nice place to live.  People here are for the most part very nice.  We have a lot of horse Properties here. Everyone loves their animals here.  People have chickens, goats, sheep, cows, horses and such.  It really is great a place for kids to grow up.  We also have the newer area that is not so animal friendly.  New communities.  We have a lot of … (1 comments)

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