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An Open House can be a terribly boring way for an agent to spend an afternoon and an aggravation for sellers. Maybe a few people come, but they are often spread out over that 4 hour time slot and the spaces in between yawn endlessly. Agents will debate forever the effectiveness of an Open House. ...
This week I've laid out 4 steps of good listening: 1. Pay Attention, 2. Clarification 3. Evaluation and 4. Feedback. The final step is Reconfirmation. It's not bad manners or a mark of instability for people to change their minds. Real estate agents often say "Buyers are Liars" as if this is grea...
Just to review, we're looking at the 5 Steps of Good Listening this week. Step 1 is Pay Attention, Step 2 is Clarification. Step 3 is Evaluation. Good listening requires evaluation. A conversation is an interaction. If one simply takes in information without evaluating and responding, neither sid...
This week I'm writing about the 5 Stepsof God Lstenin. Yesterday was Step 1, Pay Attention. Today it's the second step, Clarification. The other three are: 3. Evaluation, 4. Feedback and 5. Reconfirmation. Very often in conversation clarification is skipped. The listener takes what he thinks he h...
Some people are born listeners. Most of us aren't. However, that's not fatal because this is a skill that can be learned. There are the 5 Steps to Good Listening and today we'll start with #1. 1. Pay Attention: I can almost hear you saying "Duh!" Of course you have to pay attention if you want to...
Last week I was at an NAR meeting in DC and heard a presentation from J.D. Power, the folks who hand out satsifaction awards. For years we've all been able to repeat the mantra: "Under promise and over deliver." We all get that. But the JD Power's rep gave me a different perspective on it. Stick ...
It's time for the annual review recapping what happened in Port Angeles real estate in 2009. Trumpets, please. We had 2 more sales in 2009 than in 2008. Considering that there were 28% fewer homes sold in 2008 than in 2009, an increase of even 2 sales is positive. There is no question that the 1s...
I like a good challenge. That might be one of the biggest reasons I'm excited about listing "The Orchards," a 25 condo community. I'll be the 4th (at least) listing agent in two years. It should be obvious that there have been precious few sales. The biggest reason for the lack of success of the ...
Everyone I talk to  and read, be they in Port Angeles where I live or on Facebook or ActiveRain, everyone seems excited about 2010. I hear people talk about the energy and the sense of expectation. Wow. That means we will have a great year. Or at least first quarter. The market is, for the most p...
I met with a seller this week whose house has been on the market longer than my average Days on Market. They are priced over $700,000 and in my market that's the high tier. Nothing sold last year over $599,999. In preparing information for our meeting, I looked at the average sale price over the ...

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