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Pamela Madore Keller Williams Realty Amarillo 806-290-1920 10 Steps To Financial Freedom As a Real Estate Agent Are there really just 10 steps to Financial Freedom as a Real Estate Agent?  Yes and no.  I am going to give you the 10 basic steps and with each step you may want to add more to it as...
Pamela Madore Keller Williams Amarillo 806-290-1920 New Keller Williams Realty Technology Is On  Its Way To You There are a thousand new technology happenings behind the scenes in our massive technology department.  All of these things are designed for you--the consumer to make your real estate t...
Pamela Madore Keller Williams Realty Pamela Madore Mortgage 806-290-1920 I can remember once a wanted a black skirt to wear to a special occasion.  I couldn't really describe it but I would know it when I saw it! Looking for houses can be the same way. However, in the case of my skirt, I knew I d...
Pamela Madore Keller Williams Realty 806-290-1920 How Is Keller Williams Realty's Technology Affecting the Real Estate Industry? At Keller Williams Realty we believe that Technology is the key to capturing the vast amount of buyers and sellers in the market.   And we have turned the way we do bus...
Pamela Madore Keller Williams Realty 806-1920  1096 Day Retirement Plan Business as Usual CALL IT MY GREAT EPIPHANY One day, I had an epiphany.  You know, when that light bulb turns on in your brain and you slap yourself in the head.  Duh.  That kind of epiphany. I have been in the real estate an...
cPamela Madore Keller Williams Realty Pamela Madore Mortgage. #289635 806-290-1920 Is Owner Financing The Way To Go? When I hear someone say they want owner financing, I always ask myself the question---Why?  Pamela Madore Mortgage The obvious answer is that they don't think that they can qualify...
Pamela MadoreKeller Williams RealtyPamela Madore Mortgage#289635 Complicated Mortgage?  That might be you.  Please be nice to your Mortgage Broker. I am doing a mortgage right now that the buyers could pay cash for about 6 of the price house we are buying.  But the interest rates are low so they ...
Pamela Madore Pamela Madore Mortgage #289635 806-290-1920 Borrow Up to $294,515 FHA in Potter/Randall Counties in Texas Many people think that an FHA loan is for low income people.  NOT TRUE.   FHA does not discriminate in income limits.   You can be a a quazillionaire and still get an FHA loan. ...
Pamela Madore Pamela Madore Mortgage 806-290-1920 Help Me With My Mortgage!  It Is A Tough One!! Not everyone can walk into a bank and get a mortgage to buy a house.  Not everyone fits the "perfect" mold.  As a matter of fact, I would say the MOST people don't fit that mold.  One great thing abou...
Pamela Madore Keller Williams Realty 806-290-1920 How To Figure Out Your Plan For Your Life:  Your Big Why Oh my gosh.  There is so much talk about this whole WHY thing and, for me, I had no idea how to figure out what my why was. I had no idea to even know where to start ...

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