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Pamela Madore The Pamela Madore Group What In The World Is A Short -Sale ? During the early 2000s, in an effort to boost our economy home ownership became easy and affordable for nearly everyone.  This was generally a good thing because it did boost our economy.  Unfortun...
Pamela MadoreThe Pamela Madore GroupKeller Williams RealtyTwo Time Bold Graduate How Bold Are You? In our business, the very last thing we need to be is a Secret Agent.  That might work for James Bond but is doesn't work for us.  Wouldn't mind some of his cool cars, though. But wait!  Statistics ...
Pamela Madore The Pamela Madore Group Who Will Buy This House? Who Will  Buy This House When you are ready to sell your house it is important to have what is called a CMA (comparative market analysis) done on your house.  This is a process that Realtors use to compare wha...
Pamela Madore The Pamela Madore Group Seven Things Not To Do When Selling Your House There are many articles and blogs and lots of advice about things TO do when selling your house but what about the things that you shouldn't do?  Are there no-no's? Do not have any burned...
Article Presented by Pamela Madore The PARC is a non-profit Adult Rehabilitation Center.  It's mission is to provide a safe place for the homeless to spend time during the day. It isn't just a place to come "hang out", although, if that is what you want to do that is fine.  There is a myriad of a...
Pamela Madore The Pamela Madore Group 806-290-1920 Four Important Steps to Take To Get Your House To Sell Fast. Usually Realtors talk about the usual curb appeal, decluttered, minor repairs, etc.  I am not saying that those aren't important but there are a new more things to consider. Park your c...
Pamela Madore The Pamela Madore Group Keller Williams Realty As a Realtor, one of the most important jobs that I have is to secure financing for our buyers.  Why?  Because I don't want to waste my seller's time, energy, and emotions on someone who couldn't purchase if the...
Pamela Madore The Pamela Madore Group Keller Williams Realty You Don't Want To List Your House With Me, Do You? Maybe you got a little chuckle out of that.  Or maybe you agreed that you don't.  But odds have it that someone that reads this will call me to list their house...
  Pamela Madore The Pamela Madore Group Keller Williams Realty  Just west of Amarillo off from I-40 (the old Route 66) is the phenomena known as Cadillac Ranch.  When you think about what Cadillac Ranch may look like you will probably not even come close to what is really...
Pamela Madore 806-290-1920 What we are going to do is find a buyer that wants to buy your house.  Selling implies that we do signs and fliers and open houses, The number of actual buyers that come through your house is minuscule.We find thousands of buyers that make their...

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