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Pamela MadoreKeller Williams Realty806-290-1920 Let me say first that I work part-time as a neurosurgeon.  Just kidding.  I am definitely not that smart. Think of all those years and years of schooling and training and student loans and blood and stuff.   When I realized that wasn't for me I turn...
Pamela MadoreKeller Williams Realty806-290-1920 5 Reasons Why You Think You Can't Buy A House   Buying a house is a giant decision.  Then there is a process of thinking it through.  Trying to do a little planning.  Googling "how to buy a house" and Pinterest decorating ideas.  All that is fine bu...
Pamela MadoreKeller Williams Realty806-290-1920 Why Banks Scare Buyers Into Thinking They Are Deadbeats And Can Never Buy A House?    No. Really.  I am asking you.  Why do they do that?  How crappy does that make you feel when you are told you are way below average.  I have to say that really hit...
Pamela MadoreKeller Williams Realty806-290-1920     We live in a country that believes in capitalism.  We are encouraged to start our own businesses and to create jobs for others.  To be self-employed is common.           Our tax system allows us to deduct our expenses from our gross income to cr...
Pamela MadoreKeller Williams Realty806-290-1920 I Can Save You Trouble By Having A Double Walk Through Before Closing What does that even mean? It is interesting, but typically when you buy a house you see it once on the initial day that you decide to buy it and then after closing and you get the...

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