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Pamela Madore Keller Williams Realty 806-1920  1096 Day Retirement Plan Business as Usual CALL IT MY GREAT EPIPHANY One day, I had an epiphany.  You know, when that light bulb turns on in your brain and you slap yourself in the head.  Duh.  That kind of epiphany. I have been in the real estate an...
cPamela Madore Keller Williams Realty Pamela Madore Mortgage. #289635 806-290-1920 Is Owner Financing The Way To Go? When I hear someone say they want owner financing, I always ask myself the question---Why?  Pamela Madore Mortgage The obvious answer is that they don't think that they can qualify...
Pamela MadoreKeller Williams RealtyPamela Madore Mortgage#289635 Complicated Mortgage?  That might be you.  Please be nice to your Mortgage Broker. I am doing a mortgage right now that the buyers could pay cash for about 6 of the price house we are buying.  But the interest rates are low so they ...
Pamela Madore Pamela Madore Mortgage #289635 806-290-1920 Borrow Up to $294,515 FHA in Potter/Randall Counties in Texas Many people think that an FHA loan is for low income people.  NOT TRUE.   FHA does not discriminate in income limits.   You can be a a quazillionaire and still get an FHA loan. ...

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