pamela madore: What Is A Mortgage Broker? -- Pamela Madore - 02/24/19 06:42 PM
Pamela Madore
NMLS #289635
Fair question.  
You are used to going to a bank to get a mortgage or even a mortgage company around town. They all have a specific list of programs they offer.   What happens if they say "no"?   Do you go to the next one get your credit pulled again, and again, and again.  Or even worse, do you give up?
I am a Licensed Mortgage Broker and own a Licensed Mortgage Company.  What I am able to do is FIRST and very importantly, I pull your credit once and we use that throughout the entire process.

pamela madore: Houses For Sale In Amarillo Here -- Search Here - 02/24/19 05:57 PM
Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
Searching for houses online can be a tricky thing.  Many of the "name brand" search arenas are not up-to-date, inaccurate, or just zestimately wrong.  Don't be fooled by those little "payment calculators".  There are way too many other factors that need to be considered for that to be used.  
Many  buyers looking for homes  and sellers looking for values for their houses, are on a mobile app.  Here is mine.  One great thing is that you can contact me directly from the app.  Another very, very helpful thing about my app is that you can use the "map" … (1 comments)

pamela madore: 10 STEPS TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM AS A REAL ESTATE AGENT - 11/25/18 09:26 AM

Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty Amarillo

10 Steps To Financial Freedom As a Real Estate Agent

Are there really just 10 steps to Financial Freedom as a Real Estate Agent?  Yes and no.  I am going to give you the 10 basic steps and with each step you may want to add more to it as time goes on.

Remember this---Being a Real Estate Agent is simple but not easy.   In order to receive the Financial Freedom I am going to write about you have to treat this as a Business and not … (0 comments)

pamela madore: Looking For Houses Can Be The Same As Looking For A Black Skirt - 09/17/18 03:39 PM
Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
Pamela Madore Mortgage

I can remember once a wanted a black skirt to wear to a special occasion.  I couldn't really describe it but I would know it when I saw it!

Looking for houses can be the same way.

However, in the case of my skirt, I knew I didn't want any other color than black---so I could eliminate every other color.  I knew it was a special occasion so I had to cross off that really cute black jean skirt.  I knew it had to fit.  No sense buying a … (0 comments)

pamela madore: Join The #1 Technology Based Real Estate Company! - 09/09/18 01:04 PM
Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty

How Is Keller Williams Realty's Technology Affecting the Real Estate Industry?

At Keller Williams Realty we believe that Technology is the key to capturing the vast amount of buyers and sellers in the market.   And we have turned the way we do business to make sure that happens!

At the moment, we have many things in the "Labs" stage.  That is, they are working and learning and growing.  One of our most innovative current "Labs" item is Kelle.
Kelle is our own AI (artificial intelligence).  It is on its way to … (0 comments)

pamela madore: Can You Retire on Social Security? - 08/12/18 12:13 PM
Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
1096 Day Retirement Plan
Business as Usual
Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty3955 S. SoncyAmarillo, TX 79119806-290-1920 ONE THOUSAND NINETY-SIX DAY RETIREMENT PLAN Business As Usual
copyright 2018 Pamela Madore   … (3 comments)

pamela madore: A Desperate Plea For Help!!!!! - 05/04/18 05:50 PM
Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty
Pamela Madore Mortgage

Have you ever done something and thought oh (imagine the word) I can't believe I did that?  How stupid!  Well, I did it.

I am teaching an amazing class at Keller Williams Realty called Ignite.  It is mostly for new agents but new and old come.  It is a 4 week class meeting 3 times a week.  

Part of the homework for them is to increase the people in their address book by 200 in the 4 weeks.  

Well,  if you are like just about everyone else in … (2 comments)

pamela madore: Ten Steps To Becoming a Succesful Real Estate Agent - 03/07/18 05:14 PM
Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty


pamela madore: Start Your Retirement Plan Today With Profit Share--KW - 11/08/17 10:05 AM
Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty

Start Your Retirement Plan Today With Profit Share

It doesn't matter how old you are.  This opportunity is available for every agent and staff at Keller WiIlliams Realty worldwide.  It is passive income.  Free money on the 21st day of every month.

A few years ago I realized that I did not have a retirement plan and that I was not going to be happy with what I was going to receive on social security.  I had been an agent at Keller Williams Realty for 7 or so years … (3 comments)

pamela madore: Fit In The Traditional Mortgage Mold?--Unusual Financing Available - 10/31/17 05:54 PM
Pamela Madore
Pamela Madore Mortgage

Not Everyone Fits In The Traditional Mortgage Mold--Unusual Financing Available

Unusual does not mean Guido.  All is means is that lenders are now offering programs that make sense even though they don't fit traditional financing.

Let me explain that just a bit.  

FHA,  VA and Conventional loans all have something to do the with government.  FHA loans are government insured against non-payment.  VA loans are guaranteed by the government for non-payment.  Conventional loans are "packaged" which means that similar loans are put together in big packages and sold in what … (0 comments)

pamela madore: Start Your Own Business at Keller Williams Realty - 10/31/17 07:56 AM
Pamela Madore
Keller Williams Realty

Get Rid of Your JOB and Start Your Own Business at Keller Williams Realty

Feel like working for yourself instead of somebody else?  Feel like building your own business instead of theirs?

Starting your own business can be a little scary.  How do I do it?  How much will it cost?  Can I do it?  These are common and valid questions.

I don't know what your profession is at the moment but pretend that you become the owner of the business.  How much do you think it would … (0 comments)

pamela madore: Don't Be Insulted. Buyers Decide How Much Your House Is Worth - 07/03/17 11:42 AM
Pamela Madorehttp://pamelamadore.comKeller Williams Realty What Is The Cost Of Not Listening To What Buyers Are Saying About Your House?
Buyers tell you what your house is worth.  Unfortunately, and irritatingly, that is the honest truth.  

As a Realtor the very best that I can do is show you what your competition is and what houses have sold that are similar to yours.  Based on statistics, such as how fast or slow houses are selling, we can try to crystal ball it a little bit.
I want to tell you a story about a seller that did not want … (1 comments)

pamela madore: Do You Have Income, Good Credit, or Money? - 03/13/17 01:35 PM
Pamela Madore
Pamela Madore Mortgage

Do You Have Income, Good Credit, or Money?

My career spans more than 30 years helping people buy or sell their home or refinance to maybe take some cash out or just to get a lower rate.

Over the last several years I have acted mostly as an Awesome Realtor.  I decided, however, recently that there are many people that aren't buying a house because they can 't qualify for a mortgage.

There are several lending institutions in Amarillo that do a fantastic job helping people get a mortgage for … (0 comments)

pamela madore: Hard To Find Mortgage Programs - 02/14/17 04:44 PM
Pamela Madore
NMLS #289635
3955 S Soncy
Amarillo, TX 79118

Tough To Find Mortgage Financing 

Are you having trouble getting financed for a mortgage?  Maybe I can help.  the programs that I offer are for  the "near miss" folks that  can't quite make it.

Some of the specialty programs that we offer are:

ITIN borrowers with no SS #
Self-employed borrowers that don't show income on tax returns
No credit score programs
Low credit score programs

Unusual properties

Single-wide mobile homes
Vacant land
Mixed Use Commercial Properties

I am a mortgage broker … (2 comments)

pamela madore: How To Build A Successful Real Estate Business - 01/18/17 11:22 AM
  I have found that there is a great misunderstanding about what happens when you get your real estate license.
Here are a couple of myths. 
When you get your real estate license people DO NOT call you the first day and beg you to sell their house or help them buy a new one.  
When you get your real estate license your company DOES NOT give you people to work with (exceptions apply--ask me).
When you get your real estate license the entire world  IS NOT notified that you are available.
So where … (1 comments)

pamela madore: Here Are The Top Five Things That Make Being A Real Estate Agent Exciting! - 01/18/17 11:20 AM
1.  No two days are the same.  Most jobs have some sort of a routine.  You do the same thing day after day with little variation.  Not so much in real estate.  You do the same activities, yes.  But in unpredictable order.  I once won the "squirrel award".  You know.  Over here.  Over there.  It is really important to be focused though.  :-) 2. You meet some great and crazy people.   When I say "great" people, I mean the kind that you remain friends with after closing and FB each other or text or have coffee.  When I say "crazy" I … (5 comments)

pamela madore: How To Get A Real Estate License In Texas? - 01/11/17 11:56 AM
Pamela MadoreKeller Williams Realtyhttp://joinkw.iloveamarillo.com806-290-1920 How To Get A Real Estate License In Texas?      It is a little harder than getting a driver's license but a lot easier than getting a Dr.'s license.  Actually, is much closer to getting the driver's license. In the State of Texas you are required to get have 180 hours of classroom work that consists of 6 classes each for 30 hours.  The good news is that you can take them all online.  In addition, it does not mean that you have to stare at a computer screen for 180 hours. At the end of each class you will take … (0 comments)

pamela madore: How Do I Know Which Real Estate Company Is For Me? - 01/09/17 08:44 AM
Pamela MadoreKeller Williams Realtyhttp://joinkw.iloveamarillo.com806-290-1920    Not all real estate companies are created equal.  Some are large and have many agents and some are mom and pop operations.  There are franchises and there are family owned companies.  
Most real estate companies are what I call "traditional" real estate companies.  What that means is that there is broker (generally the owner) and there are agents who works for the broker. The broker may offer such things as office space, signs, and someone at the front desk to answer phones.  They may be other things, too.  Each brokerage is different.
Generally the … (0 comments)

pamela madore: Can An Introvert Be A Real Estate Agent? - 01/09/17 08:23 AM
Pamela MadoreKeller Williams Realtyhttp://joinkw.iloveamarillo.com806-290-1920

in·tro·vert ˈintrəˌvərt/ noun   1.  a shy, reticent person.  
Can An Introvert Be A Real Estate Agent?      Many people think that in order to be a real estate agent you have to be all bubbly and a real extrovert.  There are many real estate agents that are extroverts.  But not all.
Let's say you think you are an introvert.  If you are a mom or a dad and you have a house full of screaming kids, are you shy?  No.  You take charge of the situation.  Why?  Because you are experienced … (3 comments)

pamela madore: How To Earn More Than 100% Of Every Real Estate Commission Through Profit Share At Keller Williams Realty - 12/28/16 07:15 AM
Pamela MadoreKeller Williams Realty806-290-1920  
How To Earn More Than 100% Of Every Real Estate Commission Through Profit Share At Keller Williams Realty   That sure is a mouth full.  And what in the world does it mean?  I am going to give you a lesson about commissions and how they work and how you can earn more and more each year without listing or selling any more houses than you did last year.
At Keller Williams we have many different opportunities available to all of our agents.  We aren't like traditional companies that offer you one thing and it becomes … (0 comments)

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