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I got chewed from one of my competitors for doing a inspection on a Sat. He lost the booking to me. Well I see it as customer service. He also chewed me out for  offering FREE RADON with every inspection saying I was killing the prices in our market. WRONG, is the way I see it.. I see as giving p...
 As a home inspector I would  like to know how many agents know if thier favorite home inspector is insured and what kind of training do the have. Are they licesed? certified? And most importantly I would like  to know what you like or dislike about that home inspector. Do they even smile?  Do th...
       I do not know how many times people ask me "So now how much is this home worth?" And I say I do not know because I do not do appraisals. They look at me dumb-founded and here we just spent the past three hours talking about your new home.                           I remind them I am just a...
 I would like to know what agents feel is the most effective why for a home inspector to market to them without becoming a pain in the butt. Or even great ways to meet the agents. What you agents feel would work the best. How do you respond to Inspectors marketing technics?  I have tried many but...
Here is a place for Real estate agents to ask a licensed and certified Home Inspector those all mighty questions as WHY did my inspector report or say this. Just to give another tool into understanding OUR thought process, LOL or at least mine. So you guys and gals feel free to fire away. I do no...
 Does the realtor want to assume all of the responsibility of the home they are selling or do want to have a shared responsibility? Someone with knowledge, experience and most importantly some with INSURANCE to take on that responsibility, to find what can not been seen. Does the client really wa...


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