homebuying: Have You Thought of This???? - 02/20/18 06:09 AM
As the morning routine kicks in and jamming out to some Joan Jett (I hate myself for loving you....), the mental juices start flowing...
Have you thought about making an incredible offer for those customers that are having issues trying to finance the purchase of a home? Instead of looking at this from a 2 dimensional perspective, open your mind to the 4th dimensional perspective.
***Disclaimer*** Please abide by the rules and regs in your area.
A customer contacts you to purchase a home, you do the proper interview, send them to get a pre-qual, and BOOM, unqualified for lack of funds, etc... What's … (4 comments)

homebuying: SCAM ALERT!!! - 08/09/17 12:33 PM
Last week in the Fox Chase section of Philadelphia there were several families squatting in a house that is on the market for sale. They broke in, and when the police arrived and questioned them, the squatters provided a signed lease...and the story did not end there....
However, have we in the real estate industry seen or heard stories of the ongoing scams happening? I did not realize how many complaints there were until I called my local association about this incident.
This is a warning for those in the real estate market looking to buy or rent a house....DO NOT … (4 comments)

homebuying: Why Did My Philadelphia Home Not Sell? - 04/18/17 08:44 AM

As the Philadelphia Pennsylvania housing market appears to have a shortage of homesellers, and the increase in homebuyers, why did your Philadelphia home not sell?
We always hear that Price, Condition, and Location are major factors on why a home does not sell...and that does hold merit on its own accord; however there are two other factors that go hand in hand with the other three...
Price: is your Philadelphia home priced at "Market" Value? There is this myth that pricing a house slightly above "Market" Value will allow some negotiations for when a buyer decides to put an offer on your home. … (0 comments)

homebuying: How to....Dag Nab It....Find Homebuyers.... - 03/31/17 11:44 AM
It is tax season and when I receive my refund I am going to blow it all away on stuff...you heard correct...STUFF...just stuff that I know I will just toss in the corner...or...or a new TV that does everything for me...or...or...a new man gadget...or..or...
Have we all heard this "stuff" before? What about investing that refund on ourselves? How about promoting this to prospective home-buyers? How about a mailer or phone call to inform home-owners tips and tricks to make their homes more profitable with easy fix ups using their tax returns?See where I am going with this?
I … (0 comments)

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