locksmith: Emergency Board-ups - 01/31/10 02:34 PM
Emergency board-ups:  Often I find windows that are broken or that are completely missing.  This is a security issue and in order to secure a property these have to be boarded up as soon as possible.  After all, what good does it do to change locks if someone can simply crawl through an open or missing window?  This is usually a matter of placing a piece of plywood on the outside to cover the hole and running 12 inch bolts through the board and opening to a couple of two-by-fours on the inside of the house and bolting them snugly into … (0 comments)

locksmith: Quality and Workmanship - 01/23/10 04:58 AM
      It is very common for a locksmith to replace a good quality lock with a cheaper one when re-keying a bank-owned property.  After all, these are usually only "temporary locks" anyway.  One expects that the new homeowner will replace those temporary locks with good quality ones again.  And, after all, the banks won't pay for an expensive lock.        However there are times when it is important to re-tumble existing locks in order to maintain a high level of quality - particularly in upscale homes - rather than replace them.  In such cases, in my opinion, it is unacceptable to … (1 comments)

locksmith: Is it sufficient to just change the locks? - 01/13/10 08:30 AM
     Whenever you have the locks replaced or re-keyed in home, it is imperative to make sure all the windows, sliding glass doors, and the main garage door are secured as well.  It does no good to change all the locks if someone can simply slip thru an open or unlocked window or garage door.  In most cases, it is sufficient to just make sure the windows are locked.  However, sometimes the locks are broken and a window can just be slid open.  One way to solve this problem is to cut a piece of ½ inch or ¾ inch PVC … (2 comments)

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