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  The government is expected to announce up to $50 billion to directly address bad mortgages and millions of homeowners at risk of foreclosure. Roughly 10% of mortgages are in arrears, about 4 million loans, and roughly 7.5 million homeowners are under water. Let's say 10 million distress situati...
I think it is inevitable that we will end up with a universal formula for loan modifications. The first initiatives are being touted now. I think it will take some time due two main reasons: The RE markets need to stabilize so that the losses can be quantified, and so that each loan mod granted i...
Rates fluctuated a lot this week, ending on a high. My alerts are pointing to lower rates next week, but given current market conditions, I am not sure any forecast can be relied on. Loan modification services are popping up all over, and prospects are price shopping for the service under the mis...
Many of our clients are in trouble: negative equity, re-set ARMs, high payments, missed payments, defaults, (short) sales, foreclosures, bankruptcies. I must admit that it now feels good to help people get the very best loan modifications so that they can keep their homes (and investments) and ha...

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