twin cities: Seeking Stability - 01/29/08 08:27 AM
Seeking Stability
The 2007 statistics for the Twin Cities real estate market were released at a press conference by the local real estate associations on January 16th, 2008.  The highlights were as follows:
Listings processed, 105,004, down 2.8%
Sales, 40,055, down 16.4%
Inventory of homes for sale at year end, 26,675, up 16.8%
Average sale price, $274,767, down 1.3%
For excellent, detailed reports on the market, go to the Minneapolis Association of Realtors website:
It was a disappointing year for many, but important for the long term health of the market.  No one likes to see prices drop, but after ten years of rapid appreciation we need … (0 comments)

twin cities: Signs of the Bottom - 11/24/07 07:53 AM
We are often asked if it's time to buy yet.  Has the market hit bottom or is it still falling?  The simple answer is: If you are ready to buy, now is a good time.  "Maybe you're right Pat, but isn't that what you Realtors always say?"  Perhaps, but then we're usually right.  "Do I detect a hint of arrogance?"  I prefer to call it confidence, but bear with me here.
In every market there are a number of fairly priced properties, some bargains, and some over priced dumps.  Now is no different, except with a higher inventory and a number of … (0 comments)

twin cities: The Buyers Market, "In It for the Long Haul" - 06/06/07 02:06 PM
The Buyer's Market
"In It for the Long Haul"
The spring and summer months are typically the busiest time for real estate, but the hoped for rebound in the market has yet to occur.  Many had suggested the rebound would occur this year, but now that it's obviously not, next year is the favored target.  While we will likely see a rebound in the number of sales, I would suggest that the Twin Cities' buyer's market may be here for a long time.
A buyer's market literally means there are more sellers than buyers.  A buyer's market does not necessarily mean a "bust" or … (8 comments)

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