seller tips: What Does It Mean When Land Can't Be PERKED? - 02/09/11 08:10 AM
It means that a septic system (for the sewer) can't be installed because of soil conditions.
Property has to absorb water (Perk) in order to have a septic tank installed. The tank requires a "drain field" in order to empty its contents.
To perk a lot, you dig a hole, fill it with water and count the time it takes to drain. If it drains too long then it doesn't perk.A septic system is basically a series of pipes underground where your waste water drains into. If the soil is too hard to let it drain, the system will not work.However, depending on … (0 comments)

seller tips: Light Bulb Moments for Buyers and Sellers! - 02/05/11 04:27 AM
Light Bulb Moments for Buyers and Sellers:
#1 Rule for Real Estate Investing -Buy the ugliest (cheapest) home on the nicest neighborhood you can find.  Do not be distracted with new carpet and fresh paint on a Flip when there are 10 For Sale signs on the street.  It will make the difference if you are laughing or crying when you go to sell.  
Sellers- "Housekeeping Pays."  You better believe that Buyers see that dirt and clutter and start mentally reducing the price of the click click.  They are calculating their time & suffering as they picture themselves … (5 comments)

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