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Hi all: I just finished watching Barney Frank in an impromptu news conference talk about how the negotiations for the $700 billion government bailout had broken down. Frank claimed that conservative Republicans walked out after adding pieces to the President's bill that made it unacceptable. It a...
I'm curious if you feel the government bailout of Fannie Mae/Freddy Mac/ AIG, etc., etc. will really help. What do you think? I think something had to be done. But being a free-market guy, I just wonder how much it's going to cost you and me. Granted. we may have been headed for panic in the stre...
Hey all: Last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend's first ever Open House for real estate professionals. It was held in Seattle at their corporate offices downtown and allowed them to showcase the services they offer to real estate professionals as well as the public at large. I c...
Good afternoon: I was just reading about Wa. Mu. and how they will either be allowed by the Feds. to  raise additional capital or be sold piecemeal to the other banks left. What a turn of events! Just a week ago Wa. Mu, along with AIG, claimed they were sufficiently capitalized. I understand why ...
After reading about the collapse of two of Wall Street's most venerable firms (Lehman Brothers bankruptcy and Merrill Lynch's takeover by Bank of America) followed by the Dow being instantly down over 300 points, you have to wonder what's next. It's becoming obvious to everyone that this economic...
Good morning: I opened this morning's Seattle Times and saw that Washington Mutual ousted its CEO, Kerry Killinger. Killinger held on far longer than alot of people thought he would given Wa. Mu.'s abysmal performance over the past year. Several people at Wa. Mu. didn't blame Killinger for the me...
Good morning! This past Friday, 27.000 Boeing Machinists went on strike in our area. In the past, a strike or layoffs by Boeing really hurt our area. This time, we're much more diversified which makes it easier to weather the storm. The problem could be if the Machinists decide to stay out for a ...
Good morning! I picked up my local paper this morning and saw that Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac will probably be taken over by the government. It could be as soon as Monday. Although I'm not a big fan of government intervention (I'm a free market guy), I suppose this will help our world recover a li...
Hi there: I hope you're all enjoying your evening. I'm currently working on the most difficult loan I've encountered yet. I'm relatively new to the loan world (a little over 2 years tenure) and this is an FHA deal that we were given 21 days to close. My honest opinion is everyone wanted to get pa...

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