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Good morning all: Yesterday was a wild day. Mortgage rates just kept on getting worse. Our secondary market manager sits in the office next to me and she was glum, to say the least. I told her not to worry. Here's what happened. The government (yes, they're the only ones buying mortgage backed se...
Hi all: I've noticed a real upsurge in my business lately. Granted, I work for one of the best and largest lenders in the whole area and I'm starting to gain traction after working my rear off for peanuts for the first 3 years. But here's what I'm noticing recently. We started the year not knowin...
Good morning all: And a beautiful morning it is. Highs should be in the 70's here. I was thinking last night (always a dangerous concept!) about how even in our area it seems that most of the sales are short sales, foreclosures, or REO's. That's not completely true as these amount to about 35-40%...
Hello all: I hope you're enjoying your weekend. Here in Seattle, it's beautiful. I was wondering this morning about virtual offices and how they work for you. Increasingly, I see people working from home. I know quite a few realtors who have adopted this model. Some I think because it's less expe...
Good morning all: Tomorrow, I'm pleased to announce our next class, "Short Sales and Foreclosures-Demystify the Process", will be taught from 10 a.m.-12 noon at Renton Technical College. Rebecca Haas and her team from Re/Max Metro. Realty will be covering a very hot topic these days. Cost is $10....
Hello all: If you're a real estate investor, I'm hoping you can join myself, Rebecca Haas of Re/Max Metro. Realty, and Michael Linderkeugel (Rebecca's partner) for a 3 hour class next Tuesday evening from 6-9 p.m. The class is at Renton Technical College on May 5. Michael Linderkeugel is a CPA by...
Good morning all: Today is the third day of HVCC, better known as the Home Valuation Code of Conduct. Until our internal company memo. last Thursday, I honestly didn't know how the new appraisal law would be implemented. Now I do. In my company, all appraisals will be ordered by one of our senior...

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