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Hello all: How are you? I was reading last Friday about Dubai World's financial problems. It made me realize how deep this worldwide economic crisis really is. I have to admit I wondered when I heard how fast Dubai was building and growing; especially when it was revealed that it was being built ...
Hello all: I hope you had an awesome weekend! I was inspired to write this post after reading a news release in the Seattle Times about investors profiting from foreclosures this morning. Obviously, this is another way to make a buck and some people are having record years. The interesting thing ...
Hello all: Good morning! We're settling into what will most likely be months of grey and rainy weather. That's the way it is up here this time of year. Oh well! I was thinking with Thanksgiving and the Holidays just around the corner how lucky I am. I am thankful every day! Here's why. 1) I am th...
Hi there! How are you? I was curious how all of you are doing. How's your year shaping up? I'll start. I changed companies to The Legacy GroupĀ at the beginning of the year. I only knew one person there and not well. He and I just have similar thoughts and beliefs. Little did I know that one littl...
Good morning! We're in for a wet and windy one today. Batten down the hatches! I was reading Rich Jacobsen's post about having a Facebook Fan Page among other things and thought I'd comment here. First of all, I do have a Facebook Fan Page. So far, I have 5 fans. If you'd like to be a fan, go to ...
Good morning all: How are you? It's another cold but beautiful morning here in Seattle. Snow has already fallen and people are skiing! Get excited. I was thinking about Stimuli this morning and if they work. First of all, a definition: Here is the definition of stimulus. Stimuli is the plural ver...
Good morning all: It occurred to me yesterday that social media is invading our lives, mine included. It's a little bit addicting. All the tweets, posts, friend requests, and podcasts can be overwhelming at times. So why do I participate? I feel like I have to be aware of a trend. I've recently s...
I am re-blogging my fellow Rainer Amy's thoughts as I feel this should be driving us all. In the meantime, I suggest you all get a copy of "The Go Giver". It's all about giving! Have a great day!Whether you call it paying it forward or giving back, it's something that can change your life. So tel...
Hi all: I'm reminded of the advice to post on the specific area where you live, work, etc. For me, that would be Bellevue, WA. I've lived in the Puget Sound (Seattle area) region for over 30 years now. In that time, I've watched Bellevue grow from a sleepy bedroom community with an outdoor mall (...
Hi all: Good afternoon! I was thinking about blogging this morning. This was after attending a seminar last night on SEO related stuff. The so-called expert recommended that we not write articles that are displayed on other people's websites ( In this case the site was a local one, Biznik, but it...

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