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Good afternoon all: I hope your Thursday has been busy and productive! I just finished listening to our President's message about the state of the mortgage market and agree with him. I think mortgage interest rates are headed for a further fall! Chime in now. But when you do, keep in mind the fol...
Good morning again! I was heartened the other day to read on that Seattle, WA. was predicted to be the #2 city in the nation to prosper over the next ten years. The reasons given were as follows: 1) a steady and stable work force (think Microsoft and Boeing, for example). 2) High wages an...
Good morning! As a lot of you may have noticed, mortgage interest rates have recently hit lows not seen since last year. So why isn't everyone refinancing? I have my own theories. Although I've had a recent wave of inquiries about refinancing, I think people are still really skittish about their ...
Good morning! I hope you're enjoying your weekend. I wanted to weigh in when I think the start to the next real estate/buying boom will be. I say 2012. And you? Why do I think it will be then at the earliest? Recently I've had more conversations with people who are renting than ever before. And t...
Good morning! Happy Friday! As many of you know, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (stock market) has given up a lot of what it gained recently. In fact, I think it is about even for the year. This is coming on the heels of a huge run-up last year. Needless to say. mortgage interest rates have fal...
Good afternoon all: I hope you had a nice weekend! I just finished sitting through a seminar on Fannie Mae Homepath Renovation Loans. This is another great loan product available that you should know about. Here are the details: 1) The program is designed for REO's (bank-owned) owned by Fannie Ma...
Hi there! Part II of SBA loans will cover the 7a loan program. In part I I told you about the SBA 504 loan program. Here are the highlights of the 7a program. Again, if you're a realtor you may have clients who didn't realize they could purchase their own commercial real estate through an SBA loa...
Good afternoon! I had the pleasure of attending a great seminar on SBA (small business loans) today sponsored by Pacific Continental Bank here in the Seattle area. I'm going to expound upon it here in two parts as there are two different programs available, 504 and 7a. I'll cover SBA 504 loans he...
Good afternoon all! I hope you're well. I wanted to write about what a 30 day close means in lender speak. Obviously, the above statement has to do with purchase transactions which are commonly written for 30 days to close. From a lender's perspective this is actually 22 business days as weekends...
Good morning! I was lucky enough to be invited to Washington Asset Management's Investor's Forum last night in Bellevue. Thanks to my good friend Sara Lalande for inviting me! There were four speakers, three of which I heard. The first speaker was David Allen of McKinstry Co. McKinstry is a large...

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