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My friend Gene does a great job on the importance of choosing a mortgage professional. He points out that a lot of people don't take it seriously enough. Good information and a great analogy here. Thanks Gene!     Sunday's Chicago Tribune ran an article  regarding a woman named, Jill Cataldo. Jil...
Hi all: I hope you're enjoying your Thursday. I recently heard a statistic that up to 48% of the transactions in our area (Seattle-Tacoma) are distressed property. Further, a lot of this property needs to be fixed up. Normally an FHA 203-k loan might work. The problem is closing time. With FHA 20...
Hello all: I hope you're having a great day and have big weekend plans. I wanted to share with you an experience I recently had. I recently was approached by a couple who wanted to buy a downtown Seattle condo. The condo. complex had sued the developer which made it more difficult. In fact, I cou...
Hi all: I've been noticing and witnessing some interesting things about the Seattle, WA. real estate market recently. First, the market is not dead. It isn't robust either but here's the interesting thing. My realtor friends are seeing multiple offers on well-priced properties. Most are in the di...
Hi all: I hope you're well. The construction lending landscape has changed drastically in the past four years. I was having a conversation with one of my colleagues the other day and we were reminiscing about the day that the two largest construction lenders were Indymac Bank and Countrywide. Of ...
Hi all: I hope you're well. I was golfing with a friend of mine and we were discussing our pastor's upcoming retirement dinner. I mentioned to my friend that we were going in spite of the fact our pastor and I had our differences. In fact, another friend asked me to forgive our pastor recently. W...
Hello all: I hope your Friday is treating you well! Last night I watched the HBO documentary "Too Big to Fail". It was riveting. It was all about the financial meltdown of 2008. I have to say I'm probably in the majority in that I had no idea how serious the crisis was. Paul Giamatti plays Ben Be...
Hello all: Mortgage interest rates have improved recently quite a bit. Why is this? I think it's because of the high price of oil. Recently, OPEC (the conglomerate of oil producing nations) decided not to deal with prices. In other words, they couldn't decide. The Saudis were in favor of setting ...
Hello everyone. And the rain continues in the great Pacific Northwest! I recently saw a statistic that more borrowers are opting for fixed mortgages that are less than 30 years. The resurgence of the 15 and even the 10 year mortgage are telling. It appears the homeowner's goal is to not have a mo...
Good afternoon. We're back to our rainy weather up here. Oh well! I just experienced a wonderful moment this morning by being a judge for senior presentations at Sartori Education Center in Renton, WA. I feel like I paid it forward and would do this again in a heartbeat! Sartori School is where t...

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