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Good afternoon and Happy Friday! As the new Corporate salesperson here at Paratex Pest Control, I'm quickly learning about pest issues in the Seattle and rest of the state areas. Pest issues can be very different geographically. For example, Seattle has the third largest rat population in the Uni...
Hi all: I've been on a bit of a hiatus for the past several months as I tried to take in all the changes in the mortgage landscape. After exiting the mortgage business this past summer, I finally took a friend of mine up and went to work for his business, Paratex Pest Control. My friend Jim's dad...
Hi all: I hope you have a great weekend planned. We are in the midst of another amazing summer. Although they're short up here, nothing could be nicer. I was just thinking about how important it is to stick to our word and do what we say. It's so tempting to cut a corner or try and find an easier...
Hello all: I'm not sure I've posted much in the past couple of months. To put it lightly it's been a wild ride! But I'm back in the Rain and missed you! An update on my end. After 8 years of hard work, toil and sometimes frustration, I exited the mortgage business. I just didn't want to change to...
Good morning! it is absolutely beautiful here. Last Wednesday I started a brand new gig. Honestly, it was out of the blue. Let me back up a bit. On June 3rd I showed up for work. This was after receving what sounded like an ominous phone call from the Regional VP the day before. He wanted to talk...
Hi all: I ran into a situation yesterday where a competitor claimed they can do a purchase loan on 22 acres. In talking to the realtor we knew that most mortgage banks couldn't do the loan due to the fact it is on more than 20 acres per Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. We have portfolio loans so would...
These are great thoughts by my AR colleague Joe Petrowsky. The other day I received a call from a lady who was shopping just because she saw our bank in a Safeway. Joe is correct here. Let us do the shopping for you if rates are important. We're not going to sell or fleece you. if something is be...
Another excellent post by my Active Rain colleague, Gene Mundt. People get approved in a variety of ways every day for a mortgage. Gene mentions everything here. Enjoy the read!   What are the Requirements to Qualify for a Home Loan Today?          Frequently I hear the question ...       "What a...
This is a great post by my fellow Active Rainer John. As John mentions, it's imperative you stay on top of your credit and debt during the mortgage process; especially if it gets drawn out a bit. Enjoy the read! How Long is a Mortgage Pre-Approval Good For?        This is a pretty simple question...
This is a wonderful post by my fellow Rainer, Paula. I have always loved the underdog who finishes. May you always be mindful of tryinbg something new regardless of the outcome! RUNNING IN THE BACK OF THE PACK! This past Saturday I ran The Woodlands Half Marathon! As an avid runner for over 37 ye...

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