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This is a great post by one of my fellow Active Rainers Laura. It is true. Some people are under the misconception that multiple mortgage credit pulls will drag a person's credit score down. Laura indicates correctly that it isn't as great as one might think. And if your credit is stellar (760 or...
Hi all: I hope you had a great weekend and a good start to the week. Interest rates have risen. What should you do? It's been a little shocking lately as the ten year treasury yield has risen to over 2.5%. This is off a low of closer to 1.5%. For all you who may not know what this means, mortgage...
Hello all: I hope you had a nice weekend. I wanted to follow up with my thoughts on HARP 2.0-what you need to know. For those of you either late to the game or not aware of what HARO 2.0 is all about, it was a program designed to allow underwater homeowners to refinance their mortgages. Sometimes...
I like this post very much. In my business the airwaves are bombarded with low rate and fee advertisements. But there is no mention of service, etc. Service will win every time. That is ultimately what clients remember. Enjoy the read! Relationships, Service & Expertise How do we build client loy...
This is a great post by one of my Active Rain colleagues. Yes, you do need to wait a spell. But a client of mine just signed her loan papers today after a three year wait due to a foreclosure. Enjoy the read! Can I ever buy a home again after a financial disaster (bankruptcy, short sale, foreclos...
This is a great post by my fellow Active Rainer and Washingtonian Tammy Emineth. She knows her stuff. I have to say some of this is over my head but it is food for thought about how to get your name out there better online. Enjoy the read! Whether people are new to the SEO world, or have been fam...
Hi all: I'm excited about this week. I have admit I wasn't initially. But after Paying it Forward today I'm excited to Pay it Forward again on Friday! Today I got to Pay it Forward by being a judge for the best teachers in the Renton, WA. School District. It wasn't easy. I received 41 application...
This is great information from my good friend Gene for all you first-time homebuyers. Buying a home can definitely yield all of you huge tax savings. It may make the difference between owing and getting a refund. Enjoy the read!   Helpful Info & Hints for First-Time Homeowners Filing 2012 Taxes  ...
This is great information from my fellow Active Rain colleague, Charles. Many of you may not realize you can check your credit once/year for free through Most people may not realize that reports can be wrong and it's worth taking the time to fix it. Enjoy the read! It’...
My friend George does a great job laying out what you need to think about as a consumer. The number one thing is to choose a mortgage professional who is working on your behalf and giving you all the options. Enjoy the read! As low as interest rates are today, Borrowers are still focused on shopp...

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