westchester real estate: Buy a Home, Save Money! - 01/25/10 02:15 AM


westchester real estate: 5 BR, 4 Bath house in Pleasantville, NY - $899,000 - 09/16/09 01:36 AM
Pleasantville, NY


westchester real estate: How in the world does the market create pricing? - 09/14/09 04:07 AM
How many times have you been in situations where you saw a house that was priced much lower than the same house in another neighborhood or state? I feel that I run into these situations all the time.
So what is it that creates these fluctuations in price? How does the "Free Market" do this?
It's really a lot simpler than most people might imagine.
A house can only be sold for the price that a buyer is willing (or able) to pay. Why do I say able? I say this because most people will pay approximately 1/3rd of their income … (0 comments)

westchester real estate: If home prices drop, should property taxes drop? - 10/24/08 01:47 AM
In the current edition of Realtor  magazine, there is an article written by John E. Grippa. He says as home prices drop, so should property taxes.
After reading the article, all I kept thinking was that there seems to be something wrong with this concept. I don't mean that John E. Grippa is wrong; I mean there has to be something wrong with the way taxing jurisdictions create their budgets.
I was always under the impression that a taxing jurisdiction had a certain budget, a somewhat known and fixed obligation to its area. For example, they would add up all the … (8 comments)

westchester real estate: I Love NY . . . How it all started? - 07/22/08 04:47 AM
The year was 1977, New York City, on the verge of bankruptcy, dreary, dark, crime was rampant. It was like a scene of Gotham City from "Batman." Real estate was so bad; the City of NY became the biggest landlord in the city as landlords abandoned their buildings, the city obligated to pick them up and keep them running. 
So how is it that now, just 30 years later, the NYC real estate market is hotter than ever and everywhere you turn you see the slogan "I Love NY". Even if you're not from NY, more than likely you've seen this … (22 comments)

westchester real estate: Pleasantville, it's Real and in Color! - 07/20/08 05:20 AM
Often I get asked "Pleasantville? Like the movie?" I reply "yes, only in color". With a population of just over 7,000 and an area of less than 2 square miles, Pleasantville is small yet highly desirable. Located in central Westchester, just 45 minutes from mid-town Manhattan. It's small size does not even warrant school bussing, making it a walking community. All children either walk or are dropped off at school. The Pleasantville schools always rank among the best schools in the country, but one of the things that impressed me most is that every morning (rain, shine, snow or sleet) the … (14 comments)

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