homeowners insurance: "when the weather outside is frightful...the fire is so delightful" - 10/27/10 07:29 AM
Oooh...as the temperature changes, we're reminded that the holidays are just around the corner. A fireplace adds an incredible ambiance when the family is all gathered for Christmas. Picture this: christmas tree with twinkling lights, Mom's signature holiday foods, children laughing, out-of-town guests...then all of a sudden-screaming! THE CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS THAT WERE HUNG ON THE FIREPLACE MANTEL CAUGHT ON FIRE! AH!
OK, so maybe it's not "likely" that this will happen to you but let me continue this lighthearted warning.
Protecting your home and looking for possible problem areas in advance is just as important as protecting your home … (1 comments)

homeowners insurance: Insurance 101 - 10/20/10 05:08 AM

So, it's embarrassing to admit that my husband and I had a little dispute last night about what Liability for Property Damage actually covers last night. It's only embarrassing because...well, I'm the one that works in the insurance industry, and despite that...I was the one that ended up being wrong.
Regardless of who was right and who was wrong, I have all my facts together now and thought I'd share "Insurance 101" with you so that you are all aware of the coverage you're really getting.
Here's the breakdown:

Liability for Bodily Injury: This covers any … (0 comments)

homeowners insurance: Real Risks/ Affordable Solutions - 05/14/10 06:31 AM

Recently, our local waters reached a record-breaking high causing severe flooding across the state. Were you covered? And would you be covered in the event that it happens again? Hindsight is always 20/20, and although some learned a lesson the hard way, I fear that no action took place to resolve future coverage issues. Remember, hurricane season is just around the corner.
Did you know that your home has a 26% chance of being damaged by  flood over the life of a 30-year mortgage?? On average, 25-30% of flood insurance claims come from low-to-moderate risk areas. It doesn't take an … (0 comments)

homeowners insurance: Keeping Up With Building Codes: An Unexpected Expense - 03/30/09 05:12 PM
Did you know that you should update your homeowners insurance policy every time your building code changes?
Building codes tend to change often, and if your house (or investment property, commercial office property, etc.) is ten years old, chances are it doesn't meet the current codes. And with today's "green" building code updates, it's likely that your home won't meet the code even if it's just five years old.
All of this means that if something were to happen to your home, you would be required to bring it up to code when you repair it. Would your homeowners insurance cover that?  … (0 comments)

homeowners insurance: Never Underestimate the Danger of a Heater: Being Safe & Aware - 03/12/09 05:03 AM
Do you live in an older home or apartment with an older-fashioned type of heating system, such as a gas heater, water heater, oil heater, or even space heaters or kerosene heaters? If so, it's important to maintain safety for these older types of heating.
We all know the dangers of space heaters and kerosene heaters, and even small children know to keep a distance, not allow pets or babies nearby, and keep almost everything away from them. With kerosene heaters, never use them in small rooms and always make sure to use the right type of fuel to prevent explosion. … (0 comments)

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