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Welcome to Keep Austin Excellent! Austin is probably the coolest city I have ever lived in. Here you will find all sorts of information on Austin. Things that make this such an Excellent City to live, work and play in. You will also find information on the local Real Estate scene, Vacation Rental Market and cool thins to do around the area. You may even catch some of rants and raves about things that tickle my blogging fancy. I hope you will find something that makes you think, grow or at least giggle on occasion. Please come back and visit me often!



Have you ever heard "We knew enough to sell it ourselves" come out of someones mouth who sold their own home?While getting my nails touched up at the nail shop today, I asked my nail guy if he knew any other Investors like himself who he might introduce me to. He asked me why and I said "Well, wh...
Tonight's episode of The Celebrity Apprentice ended with Piers Morgan winning, simply because it`s all about the money! And Piers had the bigger Rolodex!I was really disappointed to say the least. Yes, Piers substantially out raised Trace Adkins, but the manner in which it was accomplished was to...
I am so excited! Today I received my first contact from AR! Someone looking to relocate to our area but they are interested in Leasing right now. I will be working with an agent to help this person out since I am not licensed yet, but it could lead to even more referrals because they are moving h...
Casting Crowns    are coming to the Fort Smith Convention Center on April 28th.  This will be their 2nd concert here at the Fort Smith Convention Center. If you have never heard this awesome group here is a sneak preview from the tour.I had the pleasure of being what they call a Runner for the ba...
One of the things I like to do in my spare time is to attend Christian Concerts. I used to be in Christian Radio Advertising so I got to meet a lot of artists. But I actually got to get closer to them after I left radio. I actually get to give back by being what they call in concert venues a Runn...
What are your Top 10 Books that you have ever read? I am taking a poll.I love to read and have quite a collection of classic books as well as books from new authors.I just finished my latest book The Greatest Miracle in the World from the Best Selling Author Og Mandino.Here is my latest collectio...
One down 8 to go! I made it up another notch from 10th to #9 ranking in the state of Arkansas!  I am that much closer to my goal of getting to the top of my state!I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who comment on my posts and offer your support and encouragement! I sure wouldnt get there w...
I had an interesting conversation with a Realtor friend today about how success equals work and lots of it, especially in todays market!We were having lunch today and she was scratching her head about another agent who is thinking about coming over to her office from another. She had told my frie...
So let me ask you again.... who rides in your car? This was a topic in Real Estate class about the safety of Women Realtors and whether or not they should let people ride in the car with them. It was quite an interesting debate amongst the class, all of which were women by the way!I have to say t...
Update on Real Estate School..... Last week I ran around around getting my fingerprints from the Fort Smith Police Departmentand gathering the necessary documents and filing out the application and other paperwork to send to Little Rock for my "clearance" to sit for the state exam. I got it all t...

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