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Most, if not all, mid-sized organizations engage in some format of e-commerce via proprietary electronic data interchange (EDI) or the Internet. Moreover, there are many different types of e-commerce activities, including online advertising, email marketing, information publishing, and product/se...
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Expressing clear and concise benefits to prospective clients is a crucial element of capturing new business. The "how" in your communication strategy has a significant impact on whether a customer decides to "trust" you with their business. How are you different from your local competitors?One wa...
     Many business owners and professionals work hard at trying to understand how the Internet works so that they might be able to utilize it for generating business. SEO is an acronym for "search engine optimization". What does this mean? Which search engine is optimized? What is really optimize...
    Today's Web has a tremendous amount of information available at the click of a mouse. Web "surfers" can jump from page to page at their leisure gathering information, searching for romance, wasting time, etc. ...there are no limitations. Businesses are able to market and advertise their servi...
     In the past decade the residential real estate industry has experienced significant changes in all areas of the business, including customer acquisition, marketing channels, methods of advertising, regulatory compliance, intra-office communications, etc.  Close examination of the primary dri...
Email is a powerful marketing tool. How can Brokers effectively utilize this tool to drive sales, increase exposure, and make strategic decisions about their organizational goals? Goals and measurements go hand-in-hand.  In order to determine whether marketing goals are being met or not, there ha...
A Technical Architect of software applications needs to be business-aware as well as technology-aware. An architect is usually called in to advise management on how to reengineer an existing system and take it to production, or to define requirements for a new system. An architect may also be tas...
Your message must reach its intended audience! It can contain fancy graphics or live on an animated website with a rainbow of features and options. The writing may be excellent and meticulously edited, and have all the ingredients for success, and yet, still never reach the target audience. Marke...
The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) was enacted in 1974 to help consumers in the homebuying process. It provides that consumers receive advanced disclosures of settlement charges and prohibits illegal kickbacks and excessive fees. RESPA requires that consumers receive disclosures at...

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