marketing: Web-based Transaction Management and Marketing - 09/26/07 04:38 AM
Expressing clear and concise benefits to prospective clients is a crucial element of capturing new business. The "how" in your communication strategy has a significant impact on whether a customer decides to "trust" you with their business. How are you different from your local competitors?
One way to stand out in the crowd is to empower the client and foster feelings of ownership in the transaction process. By communicating effectively and openly sharing information with clients, you will build upon the initial "trust" that was given to you and move forward with creating a long-term relationship with your clients.
The Internet allows information … (1 comments)

marketing: The Real Deal on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - 06/12/07 08:22 AM
     Many business owners and professionals work hard at trying to understand how the Internet works so that they might be able to utilize it for generating business. SEO is an acronym for "search engine optimization". What does this mean? Which search engine is optimized? What is really optimized? The purpose of this blog is to answer these questions and help business owners increase their understanding of how SEO can fit into their Internet marketing strategies or ecommerce activities.
     From a technical perspective, SEO describes the activity of designing the web pages of a website with techniques and recommendations provided by … (2 comments)

marketing: Successful Marketing Strategy - 01/26/07 08:58 AM
Your message must reach its intended audience! It can contain fancy graphics or live on an animated website with a rainbow of features and options. The writing may be excellent and meticulously edited, and have all the ingredients for success, and yet, still never reach the target audience. Marketing and distribution of your "message" are vital to advertising success, and are critical feature in addition to editorial and production efforts.
Many business owners have trouble making the distinction between marketing a product and selling a product. Marketing is a much broader concept than selling. Whereas, selling involves the transfer of goods for … (0 comments)

marketing: Incorporating "Blog" Content in a Marketing Strategy - 01/16/07 04:21 PM
Blog content that is filled with substantive information can help generate exposure to an organization's marketing website via appearing in various search engine results screens. While it is almost impossible to determine all of the revolving metrics of search engine algorithms, certain metrics like keyword placement and keyword occurrence are pretty standard and used quite often.
For example, if I incorporate a blog on my website and write about real estate concepts and issues, then search engines may find my site when a user searches for "innovative mortgage loans" or "trustworthy settlement services HUD". If one writes about common issues related to … (0 comments)


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