success: The First Step to Success - 11/03/08 02:40 AM
"The first step to success is to stop lying to yourself"
I would dare say that the vast majority of people would consider themselves honest, ethical people.  In fact, I was in a room of 500 top producing agents when the speaker asked who in the room felt they had integrity.  98% of the room raised their hands.  When asked to lower their hand if they had ever lied to themselves or made a promise, resolution or goal and not kept it all the hands went down. 
Our quest for success starts within and to truly address the issues … (3 comments)

success: The Cycle of Failure - 07/24/08 10:50 AM

"Some people change jobs, mates, and friends, but never think of changing themselves."
Sometimes the only common denominator in a series of failures is us.  We as a society tend to point fingers and blame others instead of taking responsibility, the irony is that responsibility is the first step to the growth needed to overcome and turn failure into success.  Looking in the mirror and changing ourselves is one of the most difficult things we must do.  It takes courage to admit we are a contributing factor to the difficulties we face in our lives.  But if we don't, we … (2 comments)

success: Spectacular Marketing Success - 06/04/08 01:50 PM
Ever wonder why some shoe-string start-up real estate businesses succeed wildly, while some well-funded ventures tank big time? Contrary to what you might believe, spectacular success does not require a huge advertising budget, celebrity endorsements, or an MBA. Here are the ten simple steps that will lead your business to spectacular marketing success:
1. Create a clear picture of your goals and what you're going to do to achieve them. You can't figure out how to get someplace without knowing where you're going, so you need to document your plans by quantifying your goals (how much revenue you want to generate), … (1 comments)


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