cleaning: When the Renters Have Moved Out - 03/02/11 12:35 AM
Over the past 3 years I've done quite a few consultations and proposals for home owners who rent their properties but have decided to sell them rather than continue renting.  The situation is usually that the renters have moved out already, or are getting ready to move out, but sometimes they're still there when the house or condo goes on the market.  This last scenario can create some difficulty in selling the house.  Renters have no vested interest in getting the property sold, and they're probably not amenable to having people come through the view the house.  Not only do they … (7 comments)

cleaning: Look What A Small Investment Can Do! - 03/19/10 01:31 AM
Look what a small investment can do!A few weeks ago I did a 2 hour walk through consultation for a home owner that has lived in the house for 45 years.  The house has been very well maintained, but as we see all the time with older clients who are downsizing, updating hasn't been a priority over the past few years.  The house does have a lovely remodeled kitchen, but some other rooms needed attention.  The best example was the wood paneling in the basement. The dark paneling absorbed all the light in the room, making it feel like a cold, dark cave - and … (13 comments)

cleaning: "Its Not MY Job" - Part 2 - 02/16/10 02:25 PM
"Its Not MY Job" - Part 2 is the continuation of the story started in "Its Not MY Job" Doesn't Get You the Job, or My Respect".
More of the story- the owner of the property had passed away (yes, I wrote a previous blog where another house was staged under similar circumstances), and if I remember correctly, a lawyer representing family that lived out of state was executor of the estate and found the Realtor.  The Realtor was smart to realize that odd shaped rooms with interior elements that were out of date would need staging (e.g., full length mirrors along walls, etc.).  … (14 comments)

cleaning: "It's Not MY Job" Doesn't Get You The Job, or My Respect - 02/15/10 09:46 AM
“It’s not MY job” doesn’t get you the job, or my respect. Allow me to elaborate.
Not too long ago Preferred Staging was hired to stage a small vacant property. I did a consultation with the Realtor prior to the staging and made a few suggestions, some “stronger” than others. For example, the light fixture in the powder room was not only about 25 years old, but it was filthy and missing a few light bulbs. I strongly suggested a new, updated fixture – something from Home Depot or Lowes that wouldn’t cost more than $50 or so, and would have … (41 comments)

cleaning: The Devil is in the Details - 11/05/08 01:33 AM
According to the website, "When people say that the devil is in the detail(s), they mean that small things in plans and schemes that are often overlooked can cause serious problems later on..." This couldn't be truer than when you're selling a house! As a home stager, I see lots of details that are little devils, and really need to be taken care of.  These little red flags are often missed by the home owner, not because they are thoughtless or careless, but more likely because they are too closely involved with the preparation of their house for sale that they just … (5 comments)

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