dakota county: One Reason To Buy Your First Home Now And A Couple Maybes - 02/10/12 04:55 AM
There are plenty of folks who are choosing to buy their first homes right now in Dakota County, especially in Apple Valley and the five cities on its borders.  Interest rates and prices have converged to the optimal level, and the indications are that this may be as good as it gets.
There are a lot of real estate professionals who offer reasons to buy a home right now, and most of the given reasons are valid for somebody.  They are not all valid for everyone.  For example:
Interest and Property Taxes are Deductible.  This is true, but the fact that … (3 comments)

dakota county: The Economy Is Improving, and Housing Is Coming Along With It - 02/03/12 08:16 AM
Today's economic data indicates that the economy is improving, and it's no surprise that housing will probably move in tandem.  With job data showing substantial sustained improvement, fewer people are unemployed and an increasing number of job holders are feeling more secure in their employment. 
The uncertainties of the past few years are slowly fading, and housing appears to be also recovering slowly in many parts of the country.  In my little corner of the world, Apple Valley, Minnesota, and the five cities that it touches have had a great first month of 2012.  According to the Regional Multiple Listing Service … (4 comments)

dakota county: Dakota County Homeowners Facing Hard Times and Difficult Financial Decisions - 12/22/11 06:16 AM
Help for underwater homeowners
The housing market is a little like a disabled submarine, sinking first fast, then slowly as it finally hits the floor of the ocean.  It has bottomed, and like the housing market, it could lay there forever, or maybe it will be rescued and towed to the surface.  Maybe a few occupants were able to escape as the submarine was sinking.
Underwater homeowners have a relationship to the housing market not unlike that disabled submarine.  Maybe the market has bottomed, and maybe it will recover and propel you back to the surface.  It's a real longshot … (3 comments)

dakota county: Dakota County 2011 Home Sales Report Card - 10/15/11 07:08 AM

Dakota County home sales are on track to exceed 2010 totals as well as 2008.  According to data supplied by the Regional Multiple Listing Service of Minnesota, Inc., year to date sales of homes are ahead of two of the previous three years, and they also exceed the average sales of the last three years.  That average figure is significant because of the uneven sales that resulted from the home buyer tax credits.  
Although it is unlikely that either the number of annual sales or the prices of homes will return to their pre-downturn levels, it does look like maybe … (0 comments)

dakota county: Dakota County Market Summary For First Three Quarters 2011 - 10/03/11 04:22 AM
The first three quarters of 2011 have passed, and Dakota County real estate results are in.  According to data from the Regional Multiple Listing Service of Minnesota, Inc., There are 2315 active residential real estate listings in the county with 3721 closed sales so far this year.  That would calculate to a little under six months current inventory.
44% of the closed sales were disclosed to be distressed property, either lender owned or short sales.  The fact that over half of the sales were not distressed property should encourage homeowners who are considering trading for another residence.  Priced right, a non-distressed … (0 comments)

dakota county: Dakota County Fair August 8-14 - 08/06/11 04:25 AM
Dakota County Fair will be held next week, August 8-14, at the fairgrounds in Farmington.  If you want to save a few dollars, either enlist in the armed forces and show up at the fair on August 10, or find a way to be sixty or more years old and attend on August 11.  Wednesday, August 10, is Military Day at the fair, and all military personnel and their families receive free admission and free parking.  If you're old enough, Thursday August 11 is your day.  On Senior Day, all attendees age 60 or better receive free admission and free parking.

dakota county: Market Performance Sample for Dakota County, MN - 06/22/11 04:51 AM
According to information gathered from the Regional Multiple Listing Service of Minnesota, Inc., the number of year over year total closed home sales has increased about 0.34% in these six selected cities which represent almost three quarters of all transactions in Dakota County.   Data from the entire county shows a drop of about 0.45% since last year.  Here are the individual year over year changes in number of sales through May 31:
Apple Valley  (0.85%)
Burnsville         2.39%
Eagan                0.92%
Farmington     1.01%
Lakeville           (3.52%)
Rosemount       0.48%
What do these numbers mean for someone contemplating buying or selling real estate today?  Not … (0 comments)

dakota county: Apple Valley above average in affordability - 04/13/11 05:37 AM
There are many ways to measure affordability, and they all have their attributes and shortcomings.  For this report, I chose to simply measure the ratio of homes priced at or under $150,000 over the total number of active home listings.
According to information provided by the Regional Multiple Listing Service of Minnesota, Inc., there are 2,525 homes listed for sale in Dakota County.  of that total, 927, or 37% are priced at or below $150,000.  In comparison, Apple Valley has 316 homes for sale with 124 of them (39%) priced at or below $150,000.  That makes Apple Valley appear above average … (0 comments)

dakota county: Dakota County (MN) house hunting report - 04/05/11 05:54 AM
As the house hunting season enters its third month, smart home buyers have been very active searching out the best deals in Dakota County.  Since the official house hunting opener on February 2, there have been 911 buyers who have succeeded in persuading sellers to accept their offers.  Another way to look at it is that, since the house hunting opener, somebody in Dakota County agreed to the buyer's terms every hour and a half, 24/7.
There are still some great opportunities in Dakota County for house hunters who haven't bagged their limit (usually one), but they are getting harder to … (0 comments)

dakota county: Dakota County (MN) house hunting report -- the first ten days - 02/12/11 08:17 AM
The official Minnesota house hunting season began on February 2, and renters across the state are reporting that their landlord did not see his shadow when he ventured out to collect any rent payments that were a couple days late. A sunny morning would have delayed the house hunting season another six weeks, but it didn't happen.
The reports are in for the first ten days of the season, and Dakota County sellers did well. According to Regional MLS numbers, of 1959 Dakota County homes on the market on opening day, 139 have accepted offers and cleared contingencies, with another 76 … (2 comments)

dakota county: Need a little help with the down payment? Dakota County can help you - 01/10/11 06:22 AM
First time homebuyers in Dakota County may be able to get some help with their down payment.  Individuals with incomes as high as $84,000 could qualify for down payment help.  The help will be in the form of an interest-free, no payment loan, due only when you pay off your mortgage or no longer occupy the home as your principal residence.
First time buyers, depending on their annual income can be eligible for anywhere from 2.5% to 10% of the mortgage amount to help with the down payment and/or closing costs.  In addition to first time homebuyers, anyone who has not … (0 comments)

dakota county: Mike's pick for best bank-owned value of 2011 - 01/01/11 03:28 AM
If you're interested in moving out to the country, and if you are willing to do a little work to make it happen, read on.
My worth as a buyer's agent is defined by my ability to work on behalf of my clients to find the best available property and to negotiate the best price and terms for their selection.  Sometimes, I run across a great opportunity that is not quite a good match for any of my clients.  I think I have found one of those opportunities.
The property is located in Dakota County, about forty minutes south of downtown … (2 comments)

dakota county: Greenvale Township and the old town hall - 12/11/10 08:40 AM
Greenvale Township is located in Dakota County, MN.  It's a small township of only thirty sections minus what has been annexed by the predator to our southeast known as Northfield.  The township originally had the standard thirty-six sections, but, sometime in the 1800's, a congressional action chose to strip the southern tier of six sections and award them to another county. 
Greenvale Township was founded somewhere around 1850 by a few farm families, and it remains primarily agricultural.  Township government is nothing like city government.  If you want a building permit, show up at the meeting held once monthly.  There is … (0 comments)

dakota county: Minnesota Valley Humane Society closing by the end of December - 12/03/10 04:28 AM
Minnesota Valley Humane Society has been in existence for about thirty years.  It is located in Burnsville, and has done a great job of adopting out with one of the highewst adoption rates in the country.  This is not a small operation.  So far this year, they have adopted out over 1,500 animals.  Over the last nineteen years, they have found homes for over 50,000 animals.
I am not a close follower of MVHS activity, but it did come as a surprise that they have failed to find a way to continue operations.  The announcement that they are closing was the … (2 comments)

dakota county: No Down Payment and no mortgage insurance in many Dakota County locations - 10/03/10 05:53 AM
The USDA's  Rural Development programs cover, among other areas, individual single family home mortgages.  Like FHA, they guarantee home purchase loans.  Unlike FHA loans, Rural Development guaranteed loans can be obtained with no down payment and no monthly mortgage insurance.  The loans are fixed interest, thirty year terms. 
Can you qualify for a Rural Development loan?  Like any financing program, there are certain requirements that you will need to meet.  The main issue in Dakota County is that only homes in the southern portion are eligible.  The area approved for Rural Development financing begins at approximately 230th Street.  Property south of … (0 comments)

dakota county: Parts of Dakota County eligible for zero down financing - 09/13/10 03:29 AM
If you're looking to purchase a home and don't think you have enough cash to make it happen, there may be help available.  There is a division of the Department of Agriculture called Rural Development which now has funds to provide loans at low interest rates with no down payment and no monthly mortgage insurance.  There are some fairly liberal qualification requirements, but most of the folks who have contacted me can easily qualify.
Just because it's the Department of Agriculture, don't think you have to buy a farm.  Most residences qualify for this easy to obtain financing.  Most of the … (0 comments)

dakota county: Are you a potential 2011 first time home buyer? - 08/29/10 05:37 AM
The most important components of a good real estate buying experience are knowledge and good decision making.  If you're thinking of buying when your lease ends in May (or whenever), there are some actions you should take well ahead of then, maybe even today.
First, sign up for a homebuyer education program.  The best are sponsored by government or non-profit organizations and are free from annoying solicitation and advertising.  Dakota County Community Development schedules classes monthly.  Dakota County residents are charged $15 per household for the classes which usually run three nights.  When you complete the course, you are awarded a … (0 comments)

dakota county: No Down Payment Loans Available Soon in Southern Dakota County - 07/29/10 04:25 AM
It will soon be possible for homebuyers to again get zero down financing with the help of the USDA.  H.R. 4899 will be signed into law by the President soon, and funding will again be available for rural development loans.  This type of loan is available for real estate located in Southern Dakota and Scott Counties, as well as Rice County and others.  There are some additional requirements that are explained on the USDA website.
Contact me for additional assistance and information.  Call 612-916-3033.

dakota county: Supply and Demand - 06/20/10 02:47 AM
A couple months ago, you could have bought a share of BP common stock for around $60. BP paid the highest dividend in the industry, and it was a very profitable company.  Today, you can get a share  for around half that price, and no dividend.  Why is the stock on sale for half price?  Of course, the reason is that everybody wanted to buy BP prior to the Gulf accident, and now everyone wants to sell it.
That's a little like real estate.  There was no catastrophic accident, but, in April, everyone wanted to buy and get a tax credit.  … (1 comments)

dakota county: Renters: Mortgage interest on your apartment is deductible - 05/05/10 05:11 AM
Most apartment buildings and other residential rentals have mortgages, and the interest on that loan is deductible for federal and most state income tax purposes.  Isn't that wonderful?  Well, it's wonderful for your landlord.  The same guy who won't let you have a dog is enjoying tax benefits from your rent payments.  Too bad you're not your own landlord.
Wait, maybe you can be your own landlord!  It may be easier than you think, and I can help you.  Call me today at 612-916-3033 to arrange a free, no obligation home buyer preliminary consultation and orientation.  There's even a possibility of … (2 comments)

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