housing: Robert Shiller on CNBC - 04/29/13 11:21 PM
Robert Shiller was interviewed in CNBC's Squawk Box this morning, and he gave a couple opinions that captured my attention.  Some of what he had to say seemed encouraging to the housing industry, and some was not quite so.  Following are a few perceptions I had of his interview:
Shiller said that he feels that mortgage interest deductibility encourages bigger houses, and he is not sure that is necessarily a positive result.  He suggested that perhaps the deductibility should be preserved only for low income buyers who can barely afford a new home.  I found that comment interesting because there are … (2 comments)

housing: Tonight's Republican debate will focus on the economy with emphasis on housing - 11/09/11 03:07 AM
Tonight's Republican debate will focus on the economy with emphasis on housing
Tonight's Republican candidate debate may be worth a look.  One of the moderators, CNBC's Steve Liesman said this morning on Squawk Box that he and the other moderators will be asking some specific questions about the candidates' positions on the housing depression. 
Having watched the moderators in action, it will be interesting to see if the candidates can get by with their often off topic responses to difficult questions.  My guess is that it will be difficult to answer a question about how to fix housing with a statement … (2 comments)

housing: Economy, Unemployment, Housing - 06/03/11 03:23 AM
Alan Greenspan spent an hour on CNBC's Squawk Box this morning and expressed an opinion that borders on the obvious.  He said that the nation's emergence from the economic downturn depends on higher employment levels, and that employment levels cannot return to a reasonable level until the housing industry resumes building a large number of homes.  Until housing recovers, there will not likely be employment recovery. 
There are few who disagree that unemployment levels, the housing industry, and the general economic condition of this country are dependent on each other.  There is some disagreement on which is the cause of what, … (2 comments)

housing: Can you afford a million dollar home if you're only making minimum wage? - 09/14/10 03:38 AM
Yes, if you are making minimum wage, even a part-time employee, it's possible to buy a million dollar home.  If you can find a lender willing to give you a loan with payments of a dollar a month, you can do it.  Of course, it's not reasonable to think that you will find a lender willing to accept those terms. 
I feel that it is also not reasonable to expect that the current "let's pretend that we're going to modify your loan" programs are going to help hardly anyone.  The latest sucker punch is the FHA short refi, appears to be … (6 comments)

housing: If there's another home buyer tax credit, it needs to be different - 08/31/10 02:22 AM
There is rumor of another try at a tax credit for home buyers.  While I feel that it should probably not go beyond talk, I really hope that any credit would be structured differently than the others.  The previous credits were designed more to help the general economy than housing, and I feel that was where it shorted the housing industry.
The credit did little to help people buy homes, rather gave them a reward weeks or months after they bought.  The reward went wherever they wanted to use it, but not as part of the down payment and seldom to … (0 comments)

housing: The Greatest Story Ever Told - 08/16/10 07:44 AM
C-Span interviewed Lawrence Yun today, and once again he was fascinating.  Apparently, the housing market will improve if more people get jobs.  High unemployment is the reason the market has not turned around and the reason that there are more foreclosures now than a year ago.  So, we have high unemployment caused by a recession precipitated by the housing collapse.  The solution is to not have high unemployment?  He might as well have said that the problem will go away when more people buy real estate. 
A caller said that he felt that the problem existed because banks charge compound interest … (5 comments)

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