lakeville: Lakeville Housing Market Progress Through April 2012 - 05/02/12 01:09 AM
Lakeville is progressing nicely in its return to housing market stabilization.  According to information provided by the Regional Multiple Listing Service of Minnesota, there are currently 270 homes listed for sale in Lakeville.  In the first four months, 230 homes have been sold with another 109 with accepted offers in the process of going to closing.  The sold home total compares favorably to the year to date totals for the same period in 2011, when 205 homes were reported sold.  That's about a 12% improvement year over year.
If you're thinking about making 2012 the year of the fired landlord, it's … (0 comments)

lakeville: Lakeville First Quarter Market Status - 03/31/12 04:31 AM
Lakeville doing well in 2012
Last year we reported that home sales in Lakeville, MN were heating up in the first quarter. Compared to last year, inventory is down and sales are up substantially.  On March 31, 2011, total homes for sale in Lakeville totaled 338.  In comparison, there are now 270 homes for sale.  In perspective, there are about four homes available for purchase today for every five that were available last year at this time.
Even though available homes for sale are trending significantly lower year over year, more homes have been sold.  Total homes sold in Lakeville in … (0 comments)

lakeville: Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce Hosting 2012 Home Expo - 03/01/12 07:46 AM
The Lakeville Area Chamber of Commerce has announced their ninth annual Landscape Home Expo and Consumer Showcase.  It will take place on March 17, at Lakeville North High School.  This is a great event to research all your needs for home improvement projects and services.  Over 150 exhibitors will be featured.  Hours are 9:00AM to 3:00PM, and admission is free. 

lakeville: Lakeville Building Permits More Than Triple In January - 02/11/12 03:29 AM
Year Over Year Permit Fees Take Huge Jump
According to information reported in the Dakota County Tribune, Lakeville building permits for the month of January were for a total valuation of just over $6.6 million, compared to about $2 million in January, 2011.  Most of the increase was in single family homes, and that adds support to the sentiment that we may be beyond the bottom of the housing depression.
Sold homes data also suggests that we are rapidly exiting the worst of the housing depression in Lakeville.  According to the Regional Multiple Listing Service of Minnesota, there were 55 January … (3 comments)

lakeville: Lakeville MN Home Sales Exceed 2010 Totals - 11/26/11 02:04 AM
Lakeville MN Home Sales Exceed 2010 Totals
Another Minnesota city's total year to date home sales have exceeded the entire 2010 totals.  According to information supplied by Regional Multiple Listing Service of Minnesota, Lakeville's number of closed residential sales has just reached 607, topping the 2010 total of 605.  In a year as challenging as 2011, this suggests that there are some improvements in the Lakeville housing market.
The immobility of underwater homeowners still exists.  People who could afford a higher payment are still stuck in homes they otherwise would have replaced with a move up home. Eventually the lending industry … (8 comments)

lakeville: Lakeville 2011 Market Status and Projections - 10/28/11 05:29 AM
Lakeville 2011 home sales totals are on track to exceed 2010.  According to data provided by the Regional Multiple Listing Service of Minnesota, Lakeville, has had 568 closed sales so far this year.  There are 49 accepted offers awaiting closing, which suggests that, with another two months left, 2011 total units sold should easily exceed the 2010 total sales of 605. 
There are 327 active home listings which calculates to about six months of inventory.  If you have a home to sell, the absorption rate, the calculation of the ratio of homes for sale compared to the number of homes sold, … (2 comments)

lakeville: Teachers in Lakeville get time off to write letters - 10/20/11 05:38 AM
The Lakeville, MN School District has agreed to allow teachers to leave their assigned classroom to write recommendation letters for students applying for college admission.  Upon their request, their classroom duties will be covered with substitute teachers.  No teachers will be asking to be replaced today or tomorrow because they are all theoretically attending their labor union's convention, for which they are annually allowed time off.  I always wondered why those conventions couldn't be scheduled on weekends or during the three month summer recess.  I guess I'm just not educated enough to figure that one out.

lakeville: Lakeville procrastinators missed 63 opportunities so far this month - 03/30/11 05:36 AM
There have been a lot of homes sold in Lakeville so far this year. According to Regional Multiple Listing Service of Minnesota, there are 338 homes actively listed for sale in Lakeville today. In the first thirty days of March, sixty-three fortunate home buyers have had offers accepted. That means that the sixty-three best home buying opportunities in Lakeville are no longer available.
While some folks were sitting in their apartments waiting for the snow to melt, others were out searching for the best deals, and they found them. For the rest of you, there are still a few remaining … (0 comments)

lakeville: Lakeville's most affordable listings are selling really fast - 02/26/11 05:25 AM
February 2 marked the beginning of the Minnesota house hunting season, and it looks like buyers have responded well in Lakeville.  According to Regional Multiple Listing Service of Minnesota, there are 113 homes for sale in Lakeville priced at or below $200,000.  Since February 2, there have been twenty-two accepted offers on homes in that price range.  That's about one in five homes no longer available to buyers who have not yet started house hunting.
There are still a lot of homes on the market, and some of them are almost as nice as the ones you missed.  If you have … (0 comments)

lakeville: Help still available for first time Lakeville home buyers - 04/13/10 08:42 AM
According to the Dakota County Community Development Agency, there is still funding available for their downpayment and closing cost assistance program, making home ownership a possibility for more residents.  There are a few broad qualification criteria, but they are not extremely prohibitive.  For instance, maximum annual income for a one or two person household is $83,900, and more for larger families.  This is an excellent way for a renter to move up to home ownership.  Depending on your income and the price of the home purchase, as much as $10,000 may be available to you.  For more information, contact Dakota County … (0 comments)

lakeville: Downpayment help for Lakeville homebuyers - 03/16/10 09:45 AM
Down payment assistance is available for first time Lakeville home buyers and others who have not owned a home for at least three years. This program is made available through the Dakota County Community Development Agency, and it provides financial resources to make your home purchase successful. The program is not available to everyone. There are credit score and maximum income requirements, and there is a mandatory attendance in the Homestretch Homebuyer Education Program. Topics covered include: Budgeting and Credit Issues, Financing and Qualifying for a Home, Shopping for a Home, The Purchase Process, Closing on a Home and Life as … (0 comments)

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