northfield: Northfield YTD Home Sales Exceed All of 2010 - 10/10/11 06:51 AM
For 2011, Northfield sold home totals have already exceeded homes sold for all of 2010.  According to data provided by the Regional Multiple Listing Service of Minnesota, Inc., there were 198 homes sold in 2010, and the year to date sales are 203.  With another 23 sales under contract pending final closing, and two and a half months before the end of the year, it's possible that this could be the best year in the last five in terms of total units sold.  
It's good to see signs of increased home buying activity in Northfield, and it should encourage folks … (0 comments)

northfield: Northfield schools begin classes September 6 - 08/23/11 06:35 AM
Independent School District 659 classes start in just a couple weeks.  The day after Labor Day, or the day after the State Fair ends, will once again mark the beginning of the countdown to June 1, 2012, the last day of classes. 
The entire school calendar is posted online at the District 659 website.  Check it out here:  school calendar.  The school year is 174 days long for the students who are counting, and there are only three months, February, April and May, with more than nineteen days of classes.
Plan your getaway weekends now.  The teacher convention break will be … (2 comments)

northfield: Affordable Northfield homes are selling fast - 02/26/11 05:28 AM
February 2 marked the beginning of the Minnesota house hunting season, and it looks like buyers have responded well in Northfield.  According to Regional Multiple Listing Service of Minnesota, there are 194 homes for sale in Northfield priced at or below $200,000.  Since February 2, there have been twelve accepted offers on homes in that price range.  That's about one in ten homes no longer available to buyers who have not yet started house hunting, and it's probably the best of them.
There are still a lot of homes on the market, and some of them are almost as nice as … (0 comments)

northfield: Northfield house hunting postponed due to thundersnow - 02/20/11 09:45 AM
Minnesota's official house hunting season is about to complete its third week.  If you want to fire your landlord, now is the time to get serious.  The best deals are always gone in the first couple weeks, and the competition for what's left is getting stronger every day.  Need some motivation?  Ask the landlord how much the rent is going up when the lease renews this spring.  I bet you won't like his answer.  You should have seen it coming, but now you know.
The good news for procrastinators is that at least two days of this three day weekend are … (0 comments)

northfield: Northfield renters, are you ready for the house hunting opener? - 01/23/11 04:09 AM
We are rapidly closing down on the official Minnesota House Hunting Opener which, of course coincides with Groundhog Day, February 2.  Ten days from today the masses of homebuyers will wake up, fail to see their shadows, and hit the streets to find a place to buy before the lease expires in May. 
There will be some left behind in the rush.  Some folks who are tethered to their landlords will approach the  mandatory declaration of independence deadline prior to lease expiration and sign an extension in a moment of panic.  Why?  Why would anyone want to extend their apartment incarceration … (0 comments)

northfield: Northfield homebuyers deserve an agent's written commitment - 01/19/11 01:10 AM
If you're considering buying a home in Northfield, demand that the agent assisting you advocate exclusively on your behalf. If the agent does not put his/her commitment in writing, you are being short-changed. A buyer agency agreement binds agents to put your interests ahead of theirs. They must advocate on your behalf to help you find the best property, they are pledged to do all possible to determine the value of your chosen property, and they are committed to do everything possible to negotiate the best possible price and terms.
Without the buyer agency agreement, a licensed agent is just somebody … (0 comments)

northfield: Northfield renters, now is the time to plan a spring home purchase - 11/07/10 04:23 AM
There's nothing wrong with renting if you love your landlord and enjoy being treated like a child.  Well, nothing but the lack of privacy and that obnoxious other tenant who can't seem to keep the noise down and loves the odor of burning grease.  The rent's probably going up next year, but you're saving money on dog food since you can't have a dog.
If you're renting and running out of patience, now is the time to start preparing for a spring move.  Most leases end in either May or June, and you need to indicate your intention to renew 30 … (0 comments)

northfield: Has your Northfield home listing failed to sell? - 10/06/10 05:47 AM
There are a lot of homes on the market, and there are a lot of homes that were listed and failed to sell.  Many homeowners have listed their Northfield  homes for months with nothing to show for the effort but an expired listing contract and a pile of buyer agent business cards.  Lots of showings and no action, sound familiar? 
When you sell real estate, you need all the help and information you can get to gain advantage over other sellers.  You're not only competing with your neighbors who want to sell their homes, you're also competing with foreclosures and short … (0 comments)

northfield: Downpayment help for Northfield First Time Homebuyers - 03/23/10 02:19 AM
Down payment and closing cost assistance is available for first time Northfield home buyers and others who have not owned a home for at least three years.
 Downpayment and closing cost assistance is made available through the Dakota County Community Development Agency, and it provides financial resources to make your home purchase successful. The program is not available to everyone. There are credit score and maximum income requirements, and there is a mandatory attendance in the Homestretch Homebuyer Education Program. Topics covered include: Budgeting and Credit Issues, … (0 comments)

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