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FIRST ENERGY STADIUM -- HOSTED INTERNATIONAL SOCCER GAME ON 05/29/2013   Cleveland, Ohio's First Energy Stadium started its Spring/Summer Season on May 29, 2013 when it hosted an International Soccer Game. The U.S. National Soccer Team played the Belgium National Soccer Team.  This was termed a "...
CROCKER PARK - "A CITY WITHIN A CITY" - IN WESTLAKE, OH 44145 05/29/13     WHAT IS THIS?           It is a work of art. It is creative. There is more than one. It is intended to be used.  It is needed.  I have used it.       CITY WITHIN A CITY    It is a recycling system for cans, bottles and pap...
MEMORIAL DAY 2013 & WORLD WAR II VETERANS LIKE MY DAD A MARINE AT 92   I am fortunate to be the daughter of a proud Marine, who will be 92 soon.   He is one of the miracles who came home after 4 years of service on the front lines on Okinawa, Nagasaki and Peleliu.  The worst battles came on Pelel...
BUILDING A NEW HOME? YOU NEED A HOME INSPECTION BEFORE THE PUNCH LIST.   I read an Active Rain blog written by Fernando Herboso about a buyer's inspection of a townhouse which he attended as the seller's agent.  The inspector went up the ladder to the attic and reported that there was NO insulati...
CROCKER PARK - "A CITY WITHIN A CITY" - IN WESTLAKE, OH 44145 05/20/13                 This is the first of many blogs on Crocker Park for the Spring and Summer months of 2013.  Crocker Park is busy all year long, but it comes alive and the beauty of it shines when it is warm in Westlake, OH.    ...
NE OH SELLER'S MARKET IS A FACT-HOW MANY CONTRACTS DOES A BUYER SIGN?   The Northeast OH ("NE OH") Multiple Listing Service ("MLS") covers 22 counties.  Basically all of NE OH is in a Seller's Market, not the Buyer's Market of the last several years.  A Seller's Market means we have a lack of hom...
  NORTH, OLMSTED, OH HOMES SOLD AND FOR SALE MONTH END APRIL, 2013          North Olmsted Statistics, April, 2013   April, 2013   March, 2013   # Active 107 # Active 92 Avg. List Price 142,316 Avg. List Price 140,284 Avg. Sq. Ft. 1,807 Avg. Sq. Ft. 1,830 Avg. LP/Sq. Ft                    79 Avg. ...
ROCKY RIVER, OH HOMES SOLD & FOR SALE MONTH END APRIL, 2013         Rocky River Statistics, APRIL, 2013       April, 2013   March, 2013   # Active 81 # Active 60 Avg. List Price 433,578 Avg. List Price 462,588 Avg. Sq. Ft. 2,548 Avg. Sq. Ft. 2,742 Avg. LP/Sq. Ft                    146 Avg. LP/Sq....
AVON, OH HOMES SOLD AND FOR SALE MONTH END APRIL, 2013             Avon, OH Statistics, April, 2013       April,2013   March, 2013   # Active 97 # Active 88 Avg. List Price 326,515 Avg. List Price 333,380 Avg. Sq. Ft. 2,599 Avg. Sq. Ft. 2,587 Avg. LP/Sq. Ft                    120 Avg. LP/Sq. Ft. ...
FAIRVIEW PARK, OH STATISTICS APRIL, 2013      Fairview Park, OH Statistics, APRIL, 2013   April, 2013   March, 2013   # Active 60 # Active 46 Avg. List Price 153,266 Avg. List Price 158,095 Avg. Sq. Ft. 1,691 Avg. Sq. Ft. 1,723 Avg. LP/Sq. Ft                    97 Avg. LP/Sq. Ft. 94 Avg. Dom/Cdom...

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