clients: Your next commission check is directly behind you. - 07/30/08 03:59 AM
You may never have thought about putting an advertising plate on the rear of your car before.   It's something that doesn't readily come to mind when promoting your real estate or mortgage business.    Please think about it now.
Here's something to keep in mind the next time you're in traffic.  Study where your gaze is as you drive, or stopped at a red light.   You'll find your stare is directly on the rear of the car ahead of you.  At a stop light you continually stare at the rear of car ahead for a minute or more while you wait for … (0 comments)

clients: Out of sight.....out of mind. - 07/11/08 05:52 AM
You've got to hand it to Benjamin Franklin.  When it came to adages he gave us all something to think about.   I don't know if it was Ben who coined the term "out of sight...out of mind," but it's something that should be in the back of every real estate agent's mind.  
Being well known by the office gang, a few friends and family is not enough to become successful in real estate.   Neither is the occasional referral from past clients.  
Have you ever noticed the agents who are most successful are those whose names are household words in their community?  … (6 comments)

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