agents: Short Sale - OH ME - OH MY! - 03/10/10 11:09 PM
I am currently working a Short Sale. It is not the first one I have done but, as with everything else it appears the rules are changing as each one is being done. I actually did my BPO before listing the property and based it on a price driven market which we are so in right now.
I have been receiving calls and showings on a daily basis as well as I am expecting two possibly 3 offers today. Which shows me I am right on the mark right?
Then yesterday I receive an email from the Lender telling me the Seller … (6 comments)

agents: Whatever Happened To Please and Thank You? - 03/07/10 01:36 PM
Why is it when I go into a convenience store and approach the counter not matter how big or small the counters the person in line directly behind me and it doesn't matter if it's a male or a female they suddenly feel that I am invisible. They proceed to start putting their bread, beer, chips, whatever on the counter beside me. They are so close I can actually hear them breathing.
This is something that totally puzzles me? Is it not common courtesy to stand back and wait your turn or to be asked: " Would you like to go … (2 comments)

agents: Please Help! - 03/07/10 01:10 PM
I know this is going to be a huge question, but I have spent the past hour and I believe I'm having computer problems. I wanted to see - what post actually get points and I also wanted to look at some of the Active Rain tips but, if I try to do anything on my computer other than Blog my computer is not cooperating...
Any tips or information would greatly be appreciated!

agents: So Very Excited - 03/04/10 01:38 PM
Back some time ago I posted my thoughts on the wonderful Underwriter. I called it no place like home. I gave my analysis on the Underwriter and how they reminded me of the Wizard of Oz and how much they were in control of our closings.
Well great news... Just found out at next Tuesday's sale meeting I will actually be meeting an actual Underwriter.... How cool is that? Finally a chance to see the Wizard behind the Iron curtain...
I told the Lender tonight to tell them how excited I was and to tell them Dorothy was so looking forward … (5 comments)

agents: FHA Changes Coming Our Way - 01/24/10 12:22 AM
I just received a Fl-yer from one of my Lenders telling of FHA changes coming our way this Summer and I must say I have cause for concern!
The changes would raise the Mortgage Insurance Upfront Premium from 1.75% to 2.25%.
FHA is seeking Legislative Approval to increase the Annual Premium which would then shift some of the Upfront Premium to the Annual MIP.
Additionally the Sellers Concessions will Decrease from 6% to 3%.
We currently have the ability of telling our customers about the Tax Credit currently on the table and it appears there truly has never and will never … (2 comments)

agents: What The Crap- Wonders Never Cease To Amaze!!! - 01/12/10 07:22 AM
I just received a call from one of my Buyers who I sold their first home to 4 months ago. They have completed their paperwork to receive their $8000.00 from Uncle Sam.
My Buyer just explained to me that she had just hung up the phone with the IRS trying to get clarity on the status of their check.
The IRS explained to her that she might not get a check. She told her they had been dealing with so much fraud that they had started to categorize files as they came in and if your Buyer's fall into this category … (3 comments)

agents: Customer Service - 12/14/09 02:04 PM
What ever happened to Customer Service? What ever happened to the Customer's Always Right? These are two statements that have died in our day to day life. We have all the modern conveniences. Things at our finger tips such as checking our selves out without anyone assistance at the grocery store but, when the opportunity presents itself to actually have human contact
 we realize why we go to those self check outs.
We go there because the human clerk is rude and has never been taught those two Golden Rules. They have been instead taught - That's not my job and That's … (3 comments)

agents: Feeling A Little Amazed! - 08/27/09 05:45 AM
Got a call yesterday from a gentleman who simply called me by my first name and gave me his full name and his phone number and location and asked if I would call him. Because of the way the call came in as an Alabama area code and I'm in Georgia and because he called me by first name only I was rather curious? I called back and got a voice-mail which included a cell phone number I could call.
I did a reverse look up on the phone number and it was an unpublised number. I thought it was a … (2 comments)

agents: New Year - New Day - 01/30/09 11:03 PM
I haven't been a very faithful bloger lately. I am very grateful to have made it through 2008 and have been taking 2009 one day at a time as I'm sure each of you have and are. I got a call from a potential customer last week and when he wanted to see one of my listings and was actually pre-approved for a loan prior to the showing I thought? - Actually no I didn't think I actually did a happy dance!!!! I did it right in the middle of my office reception area. After putting 3 contracts binding on Christmas … (0 comments)

agents: Auto Industry - 11/20/08 03:52 AM
We have been watching the decline of the Auto Industry lately and watching Congress trying to decide what to do. It looks like the auto industry is going to have the do what the real estate industry is having to do. What I mean by that is to adapt.... We have been dealing with changes daily with out any say so what so ever. We have been getting up each morning trying to think of ways to keep our business alive. I am constantly trying to think of ways to better market my sellers property. Constantly thinking of way to better … (0 comments)

agents: Kid In A Candy Store - 11/19/08 09:26 AM
I have a little confession to make! I have found myself to be like the old saying: "Kid In A Candy Store" when it comes to this Active Rain business. I catch myself constantly looking at each of the Blog even more than that when I post a blog myself it has gotten hilarious or maybe even a little pathetic and obsessive. I will post the Blog and constantly go back to see if anyone has responded and what their thoughts are. Even worse than that, I was in a situation that I was not near a computer as often as I … (4 comments)

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