fannie mae: FHA Changes Coming Our Way - 01/24/10 12:22 AM
I just received a Fl-yer from one of my Lenders telling of FHA changes coming our way this Summer and I must say I have cause for concern!
The changes would raise the Mortgage Insurance Upfront Premium from 1.75% to 2.25%.
FHA is seeking Legislative Approval to increase the Annual Premium which would then shift some of the Upfront Premium to the Annual MIP.
Additionally the Sellers Concessions will Decrease from 6% to 3%.
We currently have the ability of telling our customers about the Tax Credit currently on the table and it appears there truly has never and will never … (2 comments)

fannie mae: Lenders Will Be The Death of Me! - 11/30/09 07:25 AM
Everyday has been a new day in dealing with this new Real Estate market and just when I think I'm on my game... the rules change!
I submitted an offer on a foreclosure and gave a two day turn around time for my Buyer. Right on it right? Well I get a counteroffer within 30 minutes and believe you me I was blown away! The listing agent and I go back and forth and we get both the buyer and seller to agree on a sales price right? - Wrong!
It appears now that the seller hired a negotiator to negotiate … (3 comments)

fannie mae: Short Sale - Why Can't We All Just Get Along? - 12/02/08 04:42 AM
I am currently working a Short Sale with Countywide. I don't mind saying that, because I would hope someone who is of importance would read this Blog and use it as a learning tool. I received my offer on this piece of property if you can believe this back in AUGUST. That's right I said back in AUGUST. I am now supposed to be in the final stages. I have been placed with a negotiator and the wheels are supposed to be turning. This is not my first time on the Short Sale wagon and in this market it may not … (0 comments)

fannie mae: Short Sales - 11/20/08 03:36 AM
Just a little tip for anyone who is dealing with or who plans on dealing with a Short Sale in the near future. If you are representing the Seller and you have to deal directly with the Mortgage Holder. The main thing I would suggest is once the process has started and you have follow-ups with the Lender, If you don't like the response you get the first time. Wait 5 minutes and call again. I have been amazed how I can call and get one answer which is totally different from the last. I have been advised to call and … (0 comments)

fannie mae: Dealing With Short Sales - 11/18/08 09:43 PM
I got a call yesterday from an agent with another company. She said: " Your the only person I know who has dealt directly with the Lender on a Short Sale and I need your help. Please tell me how the process works?" I helped her and told her what I personally had dealt with but, I guess I was a bit blown away by the original statement! My first Short Sale came way before any instructional classes were being taught and way before the bottom officially fell out! I did not get any instruction it was all Trial By Fire … (2 comments)

fannie mae: This Place Is Awesome! - 11/03/08 08:46 AM
We are nearing the end of another day! The customers we have dealt with are calling it quits for the evening and tomorrow is a day that will go down in the history books one way or another. All the e-mails have been answered as well as the phone calls. Now is the time to take a short moment to reflect on what we have to be thankful for. What blessings we have beenĀ given and received throughout this day. Active Rain is just that type of place. A place where we as agents, lenders, etc.. can all come together and share … (0 comments)

fannie mae: PMI - 09/16/08 11:31 PM
I simply do not get this whole PMI business. It is one of those things that if our customers don't have enough down they are expected to pay. The amounts raise their mortgage by a sizable amount and I don't get the real purpose of it. I know PMI is to protect the Lender but. during this mortgage mess is it doing it's job. Who is regulating the PMI people? There is suppose to be some type of criteria that states after a certain point & time the PMI will drop off a buyers mortgage but, I don't get that period … (2 comments)

fannie mae: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - 07/16/08 02:42 PM
I need your input. I got a call today from a Lender I use on a regular basis. He said he wanted to give me the heads up on one of the new Fannie Mae - Freddie Mac guidelines for first time home buyers. He told me that effective in the near future new home buyers wanting to finance FHA will be required to go through a First Time Home Buyers class and will receive a certificate of completion. He said they will not be able to go into a binding agreement unless this class has been completed. He is suppost … (4 comments)

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