home sales: FHA Changes Coming Our Way - 01/24/10 12:22 AM
I just received a Fl-yer from one of my Lenders telling of FHA changes coming our way this Summer and I must say I have cause for concern!
The changes would raise the Mortgage Insurance Upfront Premium from 1.75% to 2.25%.
FHA is seeking Legislative Approval to increase the Annual Premium which would then shift some of the Upfront Premium to the Annual MIP.
Additionally the Sellers Concessions will Decrease from 6% to 3%.
We currently have the ability of telling our customers about the Tax Credit currently on the table and it appears there truly has never and will never … (2 comments)

home sales: What The Crap- Wonders Never Cease To Amaze!!! - 01/12/10 07:22 AM
I just received a call from one of my Buyers who I sold their first home to 4 months ago. They have completed their paperwork to receive their $8000.00 from Uncle Sam.
My Buyer just explained to me that she had just hung up the phone with the IRS trying to get clarity on the status of their check.
The IRS explained to her that she might not get a check. She told her they had been dealing with so much fraud that they had started to categorize files as they came in and if your Buyer's fall into this category … (3 comments)

home sales: This Place Is Awesome! - 11/03/08 08:46 AM
We are nearing the end of another day! The customers we have dealt with are calling it quits for the evening and tomorrow is a day that will go down in the history books one way or another. All the e-mails have been answered as well as the phone calls. Now is the time to take a short moment to reflect on what we have to be thankful for. What blessings we have been given and received throughout this day. Active Rain is just that type of place. A place where we as agents, lenders, etc.. can all come together and share … (0 comments)

home sales: Give me your thoughts - 01/31/08 06:03 AM
Just checked the rates for a customer of mine here in Dalton, Georgia and was quoted 5.875. I was told the rates had actually went up since this morning. I've got so many customers watching the news seeing the Feds drop the rates and thinking they can pick up the phone and get those same rates at that very minute. I was told yesterday it would probably be about 2 weeks before we start to see the results of yesterdays decrease? What do you think? … (0 comments)

home sales: Real Estate Market - 01/28/08 10:01 PM
I was out working FSBO's yesterday feeling very motivated. The radio was playing and all of the sudden the DJ at the station started talking. I turned the radio up to hear the DJ say: " Boy I would hate to be a real estate agent now. They must really be struggling." I thought now why did that man say that? Sure things have slowed but, he made it sound like such gloom and doom. I personally think the housing situation truly depends on the area where you are located. I am so tired of hearing how bad it is. I wish everyone would … (4 comments)

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