realtor: I Just Don't Understand- Follow-up - 04/01/10 02:41 PM
Based on the many responces I received on my Blog I wanted to follow up and let each of you know how this mess played out.
I had the original offer with a time limit of Tuesday at 5pm. Well Tuesday rolls around and no phone call no counter nothing.
I called the listing agent who's Broker told me the agent had not had time to present the offer so I would have to wait until Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon 4pm- Still nothing. I called again and got the Broker again. She called the listing agent who explained the Seller wanted to … (7 comments)

realtor: I Just Don't Understand? - 03/29/10 11:19 PM
This past weekend I had floor duty at my office and it was truly a very productive weekend. The phones rang constantly (which is great within itself!) From those phone calls I received 4 prospective customers and showed 8 homes. (all good)
The best part was the fact that each of the prospective buyers were Cash Buyers who wanted to close quickly... All good right?
One particular customer I showed a home to on Saturday and again on Sunday and they were at my office on Monday to write up an offer. Still all good right?
I emailed the offer to … (10 comments)

realtor: Are We Looking At A New Trend? - 03/15/10 05:22 AM
In the past two weeks I have received in access of 20 or more calls from customers who are calling my agency wanting not to purchase but, instead are wanting to Lease. They do not want to do a Possible Lease Purchase or Lease Option. They are looking for a straight Lease.
This can be looked at as money we didn't have but, I find it a bit disturbing. After speaking with several of these potential customers and gathering a little information what they are doing is walking away from the current mortgage and needing a home to replace the one … (3 comments)

realtor: It Just Keeps Getting Better! - 03/11/10 10:47 PM
I have to start this Blog with a with a positive. My business has truly picked up. I have been very busy and for that I am very thankful! Our newspaper reported yesterday that I unemployment was currently at 13.1% which is if I remember correctly the highest if not one of the highest in the nation.
Then after 24 years on his job we find out yesterday that effective March 31, 2010 my husband's employer will no longer provide Health Insurance because he can not afford the cost for his employees.
I have sent letters to my Congressman, Senator and … (4 comments)

realtor: Short Sale - OH ME - OH MY! - 03/10/10 11:09 PM
I am currently working a Short Sale. It is not the first one I have done but, as with everything else it appears the rules are changing as each one is being done. I actually did my BPO before listing the property and based it on a price driven market which we are so in right now.
I have been receiving calls and showings on a daily basis as well as I am expecting two possibly 3 offers today. Which shows me I am right on the mark right?
Then yesterday I receive an email from the Lender telling me the Seller … (6 comments)

realtor: Wow What A Day! - 03/09/10 01:49 PM
At the end of this day I am blown away! My day started off actually as I had stated in an earlier Blog getting to meet an actual Underwriter and getting to actually ask questions and actually get direct and to the point answers about past closings as well as current... It was great!
I met with 3 new customers wanting to purchase homes. I showed 4 homes and set appointments up to show additionally homes for the remainder of this week.
Each customer has been a totally new customer and the best part is each customer has already been pre-quailified … (2 comments)

realtor: Whatever Happened To Please and Thank You? - 03/07/10 01:36 PM
Why is it when I go into a convenience store and approach the counter not matter how big or small the counters the person in line directly behind me and it doesn't matter if it's a male or a female they suddenly feel that I am invisible. They proceed to start putting their bread, beer, chips, whatever on the counter beside me. They are so close I can actually hear them breathing.
This is something that totally puzzles me? Is it not common courtesy to stand back and wait your turn or to be asked: " Would you like to go … (2 comments)

realtor: Please Help! - 03/07/10 01:10 PM
I know this is going to be a huge question, but I have spent the past hour and I believe I'm having computer problems. I wanted to see - what post actually get points and I also wanted to look at some of the Active Rain tips but, if I try to do anything on my computer other than Blog my computer is not cooperating...
Any tips or information would greatly be appreciated!

realtor: Who Would Have Thought? - 03/06/10 01:31 AM
I just finished reading an article through CNN Money which shows the Housing Market is up but, still lower than expected. It states that's they feel our Market is up but, the reason they feel the numbers are lower than expected is due to the WEATHER. Because the country has experienced such a harsh winter even with the Tax Credit, potential Buyers have not been able to get out and look at homes.
Who would have thought? I personally find a little irony there. It makes sense when we think about the winter months being traditionally slower than the warm months but, … (4 comments)

realtor: Just An Idea - 03/04/10 10:42 PM
I am sitting here looking at all the States, Cities, and Counties and all the Agents who are using Active Rain and the thought occurred to me? The one question I ask myself everyday when I look at each area being represented here is: " I wonder how their market is doing?" Are they seeing a turnaround?" It would be so cool to me if each person reading my Blog would say one or two words that express your current market. I think this will give us all a truer overall picture than anything we can see or hear on the gloom and doom … (2 comments)

realtor: Active Rain Versus The Other Guys - 03/04/10 10:09 PM
Lately I have been a die-hard FB user. I have actually received a new listing from using the site and have been very pleased with my results. That being said, I am also very addicted to the games that are available. The problem is the number of hours in a day and the amount of useless information that is available.
Just think if I had spent half of the time I've spent Farming and used that time getting and gathering information on Active Rain where would I be? Just a thought? 

realtor: Had To Share! - 03/04/10 09:44 PM
I had acreage listed and unfortunately it had expired. End of Story right? Wrong!- On Tuesday afternoon I received this call inquiring on the property. You say no big deal right? happens all the time, right? Well because the Land was expired and because we sold a small portion previously I explained to the potential Buyer I would need to get with the Seller and would call him back. Spoke to the Seller and got the go ahead. Seller was very excited. I went to my trust worthy phone to retrieve the number and my stupid phone would not let the number … (8 comments)

realtor: You Snooze You Loose - 03/04/10 01:44 PM
I just got a wake up call! I was running slightly behind another agent in my area on Active Rain. We had a friendly competition going on with who was number one and who was number two in our area. I have to admit I hadn't been on Active Rain as much I should have been lately.
Well, tonight I realize that I have been quietly moved to third place which is so not acceptable! So all I can say is my bad! Game on -- Look out here I come!

realtor: So Very Excited - 03/04/10 01:38 PM
Back some time ago I posted my thoughts on the wonderful Underwriter. I called it no place like home. I gave my analysis on the Underwriter and how they reminded me of the Wizard of Oz and how much they were in control of our closings.
Well great news... Just found out at next Tuesday's sale meeting I will actually be meeting an actual Underwriter.... How cool is that? Finally a chance to see the Wizard behind the Iron curtain...
I told the Lender tonight to tell them how excited I was and to tell them Dorothy was so looking forward … (5 comments)

realtor: Clock Is Ticking!!!!!!!!!! - 02/23/10 11:33 PM
As the Deadline for the Tax Credit Extension is rapidly drawing near. I would like to take a minute to wish all my fellow Realtors throughout the country the very best of luck. I don't think people really realize how difficult our jobs are and how much pride we take in doing them.
I had a teacher tell the class I was in a long time ago: " If you think being a Realtor means getting in the car- rolling down the window- and enjoying the cool breeze- my suggestion is get up and leave now."
Little did this teacher know … (2 comments)

realtor: Short Sale Facts - 02/11/10 05:56 AM
 I have completed several Short Sales in the past and had gotten to the point of being so tired that I truly did not care if I ever did another one!
I have a Seller is in desperate need for a Buyer and we will be proceeding with a Short Sale much to my dislike but, our options are few!
I know as Realtors the rules are changing daily and my Seller called this morning and asked me point blank if he went forward with the Short Sale could his Lender hit him for the balance left on the loan.
I … (0 comments)

realtor: FHA Changes Coming Our Way - 01/24/10 12:22 AM
I just received a Fl-yer from one of my Lenders telling of FHA changes coming our way this Summer and I must say I have cause for concern!
The changes would raise the Mortgage Insurance Upfront Premium from 1.75% to 2.25%.
FHA is seeking Legislative Approval to increase the Annual Premium which would then shift some of the Upfront Premium to the Annual MIP.
Additionally the Sellers Concessions will Decrease from 6% to 3%.
We currently have the ability of telling our customers about the Tax Credit currently on the table and it appears there truly has never and will never … (2 comments)

realtor: What The Crap- Wonders Never Cease To Amaze!!! - 01/12/10 07:22 AM
I just received a call from one of my Buyers who I sold their first home to 4 months ago. They have completed their paperwork to receive their $8000.00 from Uncle Sam.
My Buyer just explained to me that she had just hung up the phone with the IRS trying to get clarity on the status of their check.
The IRS explained to her that she might not get a check. She told her they had been dealing with so much fraud that they had started to categorize files as they came in and if your Buyer's fall into this category … (3 comments)

realtor: Where Are We Going? - 01/05/10 04:57 AM
I ask this question because each policy being implemented seems to be doing more harm than good. We have went through this lull of no customers, no phones ringing. We finally see a ray of hope with the Tax Credit, The phones start to pick up, The customers start shopping and then BOOM......
What next - Let's change the Lending Rules- Let's make it harder for these customers to get loans to get these homes. I have had not one but three customers this week alone that my lenders have said they can't help. Why have a tax credit and why … (0 comments)

realtor: Which Is It? - 12/23/09 12:42 PM
Oh my goodness!, I feel completely overwhelmed! Turn on the news and you get two stories, Look at the newspaper in your area and you get two stories. Look on line and you get two stories. I don't care if your looking at Health Care, Real Estate or Weather... it's the same. One person's opinion is one way and another person's is another way. Each person feels their way is the only way that is correct and the person or entity their referring to is completely off base. It's totally ridiculous.
I went on-line yesterday planning on reading the entire Health … (1 comments)

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