recession: It Just Keeps Getting Better! - 03/11/10 10:47 PM
I have to start this Blog with a with a positive. My business has truly picked up. I have been very busy and for that I am very thankful! Our newspaper reported yesterday that I unemployment was currently at 13.1% which is if I remember correctly the highest if not one of the highest in the nation.
Then after 24 years on his job we find out yesterday that effective March 31, 2010 my husband's employer will no longer provide Health Insurance because he can not afford the cost for his employees.
I have sent letters to my Congressman, Senator and … (4 comments)

recession: Just An Idea - 03/04/10 10:42 PM
I am sitting here looking at all the States, Cities, and Counties and all the Agents who are using Active Rain and the thought occurred to me? The one question I ask myself everyday when I look at each area being represented here is: " I wonder how their market is doing?" Are they seeing a turnaround?" It would be so cool to me if each person reading my Blog would say one or two words that express your current market. I think this will give us all a truer overall picture than anything we can see or hear on the gloom and doom … (2 comments)

recession: Which Is It? - 12/23/09 12:42 PM
Oh my goodness!, I feel completely overwhelmed! Turn on the news and you get two stories, Look at the newspaper in your area and you get two stories. Look on line and you get two stories. I don't care if your looking at Health Care, Real Estate or Weather... it's the same. One person's opinion is one way and another person's is another way. Each person feels their way is the only way that is correct and the person or entity their referring to is completely off base. It's totally ridiculous.
I went on-line yesterday planning on reading the entire Health … (1 comments)

recession: Light At The End Of The Tunnel - 05/20/09 12:53 PM
Could It Be? Could we actually be seeing the light? Are we starting to see a turn around! Have we made it though the storm? I don't think we are quite there but, I can finally say I actually see a little gleam of light, a little ray of hope.

recession: Dont Forget The Pets! - 12/08/08 09:11 AM
While showing home yesterday I had a very bad experience I have to share! Both homes were vacant and both homes were foreclosures. The second home my buyers and I went to had a really strong smell of tobacco in the home and the buyer almost declined going any farther in the home than the living room because of the smell. I urged her to at least check the home out and she did. The property had a large lot with an out building so we went out to check out the property. While standing in front of the out building … (0 comments)

recession: Short Sale - Why Can't We All Just Get Along? - 12/02/08 04:42 AM
I am currently working a Short Sale with Countywide. I don't mind saying that, because I would hope someone who is of importance would read this Blog and use it as a learning tool. I received my offer on this piece of property if you can believe this back in AUGUST. That's right I said back in AUGUST. I am now supposed to be in the final stages. I have been placed with a negotiator and the wheels are supposed to be turning. This is not my first time on the Short Sale wagon and in this market it may not … (0 comments)

recession: Ringing The Bell - 11/24/08 11:40 PM
Yesterday I had the opportunity to ring the Salvation Army bell at our local Kroger. I had to be there between 12:00 and 1:00pm and quite honestly it was cold and raining and a task I kept asking myself?What was I thinking? I woke up yesterday morning dreading it! I kept thinking all morning how stupid I was for volunteering and what a terrible day to be standing out in the cold ringing some stupid bell and how stupid it was to be asking people especially now for money.... End of story right.... This girl has serious attitude right..... Well the … (1 comments)

recession: How Do We Know Where The Bottom Is? - 11/20/08 10:14 AM
When do we know when the Market is at the bottom? When and how do we know what the Bottom is? You know the old adage when you get to the bottom the only way is up- Well what is considered the bottom? Are we there yet? I guess that's like how do you know your in recession and What is the difference between Recession & Depression?

recession: Auto Industry - 11/20/08 03:52 AM
We have been watching the decline of the Auto Industry lately and watching Congress trying to decide what to do. It looks like the auto industry is going to have the do what the real estate industry is having to do. What I mean by that is to adapt.... We have been dealing with changes daily with out any say so what so ever. We have been getting up each morning trying to think of ways to keep our business alive. I am constantly trying to think of ways to better market my sellers property. Constantly thinking of way to better … (0 comments)

recession: Twilight Zone - 09/25/08 01:16 AM
Not to discuss politics here but I just pulled the following statement from President Bush's 2007 State of the Union Address and I am comparing this statement to where we are now and the 15 minute speech President Bush made last night on how dire or economic situation was and how important the support of congress was to swiftly pass this bailout and one must ask themselves several questions- This speech was done in 2007 and we are in 2008, which is only a year! This mess we are dealing with didn't just happen did it? Where has Mr. Bush been during this … (0 comments)

recession: Today's Market - 07/25/08 11:07 AM
This is one I have to share! I have a house listed- New Construction- Beautiful Plantation Style home. Priced at $269,900.00. Got a call this morning from the seller. He took buyer to the house and showed them the house. Also, told them his bottom dollar. Then called me and wanted me to call the buyer because the buyer wanted me to reduce my commission. This buyer told me I wasn't deserving of the set commission. She stated that since 2 Realtors weren't involved she felt I should reduce to reflect one real tor instead of 2. I explained to this … (0 comments)

recession: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - 07/16/08 02:42 PM
I need your input. I got a call today from a Lender I use on a regular basis. He said he wanted to give me the heads up on one of the new Fannie Mae - Freddie Mac guidelines for first time home buyers. He told me that effective in the near future new home buyers wanting to finance FHA will be required to go through a First Time Home Buyers class and will receive a certificate of completion. He said they will not be able to go into a binding agreement unless this class has been completed. He is suppost … (4 comments)

recession: Are we really headed for a recession? - 04/04/08 03:57 AM
I really wonder if we are headed for a Recession? I heard a very interesting analogy yesterday on What is the difference between a Recession and a Depression? The analogy was this: " If your neighbor has lost their job it's a Recession but, if You loose Your job it's a Depression." I thought that was so appropiate. Today's YAHOO headline reads: " Jobless Rate Hits 2 year high and I'm sure I can find something about the Gloom and Doom of the Real Estate Market if I try but, I've been hearing that so long I'm deaf to it. What do … (0 comments)

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