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I am often asked by Realtors what type of Real Estate is best suited for a Real Estate Auction and the answer is: Property which is in Demand. On the other hand, another question I am asked is who is the "Right" auction client?  The right client is one that is goal oriented, decisive, willing to ...
Six Steps to Improving Selling Listening Skills   With practice and conscious resolve, a salesperson can acquire the mental agility to become a better listener by mastering these six "mental listening exercises": Vince Lombardi once said, "It's not practice makes perfect, its PERFECT practice mak...
Listen, Listen, Listen   Remember—Prospects hold the key as to why they'll buy, and you will learn this only if they're talking and you are listening. Why Do Salespeople Tend to NOT Listen Well? It is known that humans think faster than they listen. While a sales prospect is talking at an average...
Many elderly Americans once planned to sell their homes to finance their retirement care. But with both home values and investment portfolios shrinking, Seniors are now struggling to cope.  Father Time™ Auctions Senior Service staff Cathy Roesch and Rick Bauer provide Home Selling solutions to Se...

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