real estate auctions: "I Don't Have Time For Research"...Really? Are You Sure About That? - 08/21/14 02:27 AM

Good reminder Kent, Research is an essential element of the job we do. While it can be time consuming it is most rewarding with a job well done at closing.
Yesterday, I co-hosted a class on Downtown Growth Trends (poolside at a condo complex I have the exclusive on).  Tucson's Downtown is undergoing a huge surge of interest due to the new streetcar connecting it with the University of Arizona - between public & private investment, upwards of $900 Million has been spent in the past 3 years, rivitalizing & invigorating the area.  
For part of the class, I presented … (1 comments)

real estate auctions: Investors Find Opportunities in Distressed Commercial Assets - 03/23/10 01:25 PM
When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. And that’s exactly what some savvy real estate investors are doing.Declining values, debt maturity, tight credit access, and stalled construction may continue to plague commercial real estate for the remainder of 2010, but optimistic investors are seeing opportunity in this difficult market via the purchase of distressed assets, according to Deloitte’s Perspectives on Real Estate: Uncovering Opportunity in a Distressed Market, released Monday.Bob O’Brien, vice chairman and real estate services leader for Deloitte, said the Fed’s Beige Book released earlier this month indicated a nascent economic expansion, with commercial real estate lagging the overall … (0 comments)

real estate auctions: Paying Homeowners Not to Walk Away - Is this a Good Idea? - 02/15/10 02:08 AM
With tumbling property values leaving nearly a quarter of borrowers owing more on their mortgage than the home is worth, some may find it tempting to walk away even if they are financially able to keep makingpayments – either to get out from under the debt completely or to force the servicer’s hand for a modification. This idea of “strategic default” has become a universal concern within the industry, but one New Jersey company says it has a plan to counter such calculated flights of exodus.According to the Loan Value Group LLC (LVG), it’s time to pay current borrowers to stay … (0 comments)

real estate auctions: Commercial Real Estate Forecast $300 Billion Losses - 02/15/10 12:48 AM
Losses from defaults on commercial real estate loans maturing in the next few years could go as high as $300 billion, threatening to topple nearly 3,000 community banks nationwide, a federal watchdog group has concluded.Market analysis by the Congressional Oversight Panel (COP), charged with keeping tabs on the government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), shows that $1.4 trillion in loans made over the last decade for retail properties, office space, industrial facilities, hotels, and apartments will reach the end of their terms and require refinancing between 2011 and 2014.According to the panel, the loans most likely to fail are those made … (0 comments)

real estate auctions: Home Buyers Rush to Take Advantage of Tax Credit Before It's Gone - 02/12/10 02:57 PM
Current homeowners buying a house between Nov. 7, 2009, and April 30 and who have used the home being sold or vacated as a principal residence for five consecutive years within the last eight can qualify for the $6,500. It seems less is known about the repeat buyer credit. This incentive was added when the original $8,000 tax credit for qualified first-time buyers, which expired Nov. 30, was extended.Houses purchased for $800,000 or less are eligible for repeat buyers. Single buyers with incomes up to $125,000 and married couples up to $225,000 may receive the maximum tax credit for both repeat … (1 comments)

real estate auctions: Credit Suisse: Five Threats To Housing - 02/12/10 01:40 PM
The Spring selling season. And Dan Oppenheim, a home-building analyst with Credit Suisse, predicts we’ll not only see one this year, but it will likely be strong. Builders are shifting from survival to rebuilding profitability - “a welcome relief after the past several years”  - but five threats remain:   1. Tax credit expires. The government is offering up to $8,000 to entice buyers, which will create urgency before the April 30 expiration. But that means orders will likely be condensed in the early spring, with estimated order growth of 21% in the first quarter and 5% in the second. “Pulled-forward demand … (0 comments)

real estate auctions: 10% Drop in Foreclosure Activity - 02/10/10 03:04 PM
The relentless wave of foreclosures that has steadily swelled and battered the housing industry for a good three years seems to have retreated ever so slightly in January,but it’s not enough to mean the storm has passed – RealtyTrac says a resurgence is likely.The company’s January 2010 U.S. Foreclosure Market Report released Thursday shows that foreclosure filings – including default notices, scheduled auctions, and bank repossessions – were reported on 315,716 U.S. properties during the month – or one in every 409 housing units. That figure represents a decrease of nearly 10 percent from the previous month but is still 15 … (3 comments)

real estate auctions: Realtors See a Decade of Dramatic Developments - 01/23/10 09:10 AM
At the beginning of the 21st century, most home buyers had never viewed a home online; the three top home sale marketing methods were yard signs, newspaper ads and open houses; and nearly nine out of 10 buyers financed their purchase with a fixed-rate, 30-year mortgage. What a difference a decade makes.
Median home values over the past decade have increased more than 25%, from $137,600 in November 1999 to $172,600 in November 2009 (the most recent existing-home data available). Fewer people are buying detached, single family homes–82% in 1999 compared to 78% in 2009–but more people are buying homes in … (0 comments)

real estate auctions: With profits down, firms just aren't changing hands - 01/19/10 03:09 AM
While this story is based on California data I think it holds true for many other places to.
Depressed values for commercial real estate will continue to be a drag on small-business sales. Businesses that own the land on which they sit will be worth less, and potential buyers with real estate holdings in their portfolios will have a harder time qualifying for loans. Real estate businesses in general will sell for somewhat less than they might have during the boom. Overexposure to commercial real estate loans, many of which are now souring, has made some banks reluctant to lend at … (0 comments)

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