st louis mo luxury property auctions: Top 9 Reverse Mortgage Myths – Separating Fact from Fiction - 07/05/10 12:45 PM
Recent headlines pointing to the detriments of reverse mortgages aren’t getting the story straight. One of the nation’s leading reverse mortgage lenders, Generation Mortgage Company, wants to separate fact from fiction.
“Because so many Americans over the age of 62 are facing significant financial stress due to dropping retirement and savings account balances, as well as higher healthcare costs, many groups are targeting seniors under the guise of helping them,” said Scott Peters, CEO and President of Generation Mortgage. “HECM reverse mortgages are Federal Housing Administration-insured products and are heavily scrutinized by regulators and legislators looking to protect seniors’ best interests. As … (1 comments)

st louis mo luxury property auctions: As Stimulus Funds Run Out, Economic Fears Rise - 07/01/10 02:36 AM
With home sales sliding, employers reluctant to hire and world stock markets gyrating wildly, the U.S. economy is in danger of stalling. Now one of its only reliable sources of fuel is running out: federal stimulus spending.Funds flowing from the $787 billion legislation passed last year have helped create hundreds of thousands of jobs and propped up social programs such as unemployment benefits. But with much of that money spent and lawmakers reluctant to approve another big round of spending, concerns are rising about what will replace it in the short term to keep the economy moving.Jitters about a global slowdown … (1 comments)

st louis mo luxury property auctions: Vegas House Bargains Dry Up - 02/28/10 10:55 AM
Las Vegas is one of the foreclosure capitals of the U.S., with about one in four households behind on house payments or in mortgage foreclosure. Yet all three of these shoppers—a professional real-estate investor, a county official with federal funds designated for stabilizing neighborhoods and an installer of security systems who needs a new place to live—are frustrated."I thought it would be a heck of a lot easier," said Mr. Iuso, a renter who wants to buy a home but has been outbid eight times, usually by investors able to pay cash.Bargain hunters here and in many other metropolitan areas are … (0 comments)

st louis mo luxury property auctions: High FICO Scorers Default on Mortgages Faster Than Bankcards - 02/27/10 08:49 AM
Reversing a long historic trend, mortgage default risk for consumers with high FICO scores now exceeds their credit card default risk, Minneapolis-based FICO recently reported. The provider of analytics and decision management technology said it uncovered this disturbing trend through observations taken from its subscription service for businesses, FICO Score Trends.Through its analysis, FICO discovered a parallel rise in mortgage delinquencies for higher-scoring U.S. consumers, and it found recent repayment behavior across the financial services industry has shifted significantly from historical norms. In 2005, bankcard accounts were three times more likely than mortgage loans to become 90 days delinquent, but in … (1 comments)

st louis mo luxury property auctions: Credit Suisse: Five Threats To Housing - 02/12/10 01:40 PM
The Spring selling season. And Dan Oppenheim, a home-building analyst with Credit Suisse, predicts we’ll not only see one this year, but it will likely be strong. Builders are shifting from survival to rebuilding profitability - “a welcome relief after the past several years”  - but five threats remain:   1. Tax credit expires. The government is offering up to $8,000 to entice buyers, which will create urgency before the April 30 expiration. But that means orders will likely be condensed in the early spring, with estimated order growth of 21% in the first quarter and 5% in the second. “Pulled-forward demand … (0 comments)

st louis mo luxury property auctions: Cher's Hualalai Resort home sold at Auction for $8.72 million Auctions are a First Choice - 02/04/10 03:17 PM
The market rate for a super-luxury celebrity vacation getaway on the Big Island has been set by auction.Ready? It's $8.72 million.That's how much the home owned by Cher at Hualalai Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii sold for at auction on January 18.
The auction process is clearly becoming the selling option of choice for exclusive luxury properties
A properly produced & marketed auction will deliver 100% of the present cash market value 100% of the time.
Cher's Hualalai Resort home sold for $8.72 million

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