career: Lead Generation vs. Generating Leads - 03/03/08 03:47 AM
What's better, a lead generating platform that gives your sales associates leads, or a team of salespeople that generates their own leads? Give up? They are both equally important if you want to stay alive in today's brokerage business.
Today, more then ever, we have come to rely on the internet and all the available lead generating platforms out there to supply our associates with leads that they convert into customers and clients. Without a lead generating platform, we, as brokerage operators and managers, are giving our associates less and less availability to internet based prospects. However, not all internet leads … (1 comments)

career: What happened to Salesmanship? - 02/21/08 04:24 AM
So, your listings are down and so are your sales. The buyers won't buy and the sellers won't sell. What are you going to do about it? If you or any other breathing human on this planet are experiencing the type of challenges that I hear from many agents, then sit back, take along breath and GET OVER IT.
As a corporate sales coach and mentor, I am amazed how many agents today blame the market on their inability to make a sale. The constant comments I hear of how bad the markets are, how unwilling the sellers are to sell and … (4 comments)

career: It's getting dark out there. - 01/23/08 06:48 AM
"When it gets dark enough you can see the stars." - Lee Salk
This is the time of year when I enjoy looking up at the evening sky and marveling at the wonderful beauty that is the heavens. You can see Mars, Jupiter, constellations such as The Pleiades, Orion, Taurus, Gemini, stars such as Rigel, Sirius, Castor and Pollux, even things like The Orion Nebula and the Andromeda Galaxy.
A few years ago, I purchased an 8" Dobsonian reflective telescope and started to learn about the things I was seeing. However, because of the light conditions during early evening, I failed to see … (1 comments)


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