finance: Time and the Value of $$$ - 03/19/08 08:12 AM
How are time and the value of money related?
Let's look at the following example:
You want to buy a house. The Contract price is $240,000.00. The loan is for $200,000. The term is 30 years and the fixed rate is 6%. Your loan payment would be $1199.10 / month. Total payout over 30 years is $431,676. Total interest paid is $231,676.
Therefore the lender will make $231,676. for lending you $200,000. 
Now let us consider the borrower who can not make a decision or wants to wait until home prices hit "rock bottom". If the borrower were to buy now, his scenario would look … (2 comments)

finance: Give me Realty or Give me Death. - 02/27/08 05:28 AM
Oh brave souls that fight the good fight, that challenge those whom seek to undermine us, that forge new alliances and boldly go into that dark night. To those who practice this profession of Real Estate, I salute you my brothers and sister.
Once again the angry voices of those who seek to control us and to subtract from our worth are jumping on the naysayer bandwagon and are preaching the gloom and doom message that the sky is falling and the real estate markets are not worthy of investment. HORSE HOCKEY!!!
The media is, after two years of negativism, still screaming the … (4 comments)

finance: Affordability and the American Dream - 01/30/08 06:03 AM
So now that it's a buyers market, how come the buyers aren't buying?  Are they waiting for the housing markets to hit "the bottom" or are they just plain scared about making a commitment or is it a matter of affordability? Do buyers know that their buying power may never be greater then it is right now or are they waiting for a "sigh from above" before purchasing a home? Or, are we as REALTORS, not sending the right message to consumers. Or, have we lead them to believe that foreclosures and REOs are "Deals" and they should wait for a … (6 comments)

finance: Are we entering the new REFI boom? - 01/29/08 04:02 AM
Let's face it, interest rates on consumer loans have come way down since the onset of the sub-prime melt-down and opportunities abound for those willing to get onto the REFI bandwagon. As the cost of financing decreases even further, assuming thet the Federal Reserve will play along, the more affordable a larger purchase may become for many a stagnant home buyer. And since the numbers are coming down, then those who purchased an ARM may have REFI on the brain in the coming months.
With 30-year fixed rates moving towards the  lower end of the 5% range, those who may have purchased homes at … (2 comments)


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