real estate investing fundamentals: All About Selling Real Estate Investments in Barrie, Orillia - 03/05/11 03:28 AM
When to sell a real estate investment property.
The recent report by the Bank of Montreal ( Financial Post Financial, March 3) stating that perhaps we are at the top of our cycle only confirms what we discussed here only a few weeks ago.
The affordability index in Canada is too high.
The report suggests that the compensating factor is rising wages. That is, if income rises to match increasing home prices then we will avoid a decline in investment property values. This is the second of such report in weeks. There is reason to take these reports seriously. The tipping point … (0 comments)

real estate investing fundamentals: Barrie & Orillia In Top 10 PlacesTo Invest In Canada - 08/08/10 02:49 PM
The REIN ( Real Estate Investment network) once again nails down the top 10 cities to invest in Canada.
According to the Saturday's Financial Post ( August 8 2010 ) Barrie and Orillia Ontario ranked 6th out of ten other Canadian cities.
The reason for investing here are obvious. 1- Strong growth in education....Lakehead and Georgian both expanding. Lakehead University in Orillia and Georgian in Barrie. 2- New GO train links morning rush hour to Toronto. Don't like the drive down the 400...take the GO train. 3- Strong /pro growth council members for both cities. 4- The average age in both … (0 comments)

real estate investing fundamentals: Population Growth a Significant Factor in Real Estate Investing - 12/21/08 09:57 PM
Population Growth Biggest Since 1990
I couldn't help but notice a small article recently in the National Post.  The whole paper was filled with the news of dire economic times. The auto bailout, the financial bailout. But here was an article that simply said that Statistics Canada recorded the largest population increase (in the 3rd quarter) in Canada since 1990.
Why do I find that interesting? Well simply because in real estate (especially investment real estate) net population growth is an investment fundamental. That is, population growth has a direct correlation with real estate. To simplify it even more, if the … (1 comments)

real estate investing fundamentals: How to Make Money in Real Estate Investing in a Down Market - 11/13/08 01:16 AM
Profit in Real Estate Investing in a Down Market
With the all the bad news in the media ( and yes if you read my blog you know what I think of the media reports on real estate), I thought it would be a good time to discuss the real estate investing technique/strategy that works in up markets as well as a down market.  And I must say now, especially in a down market.
There are many strategies to make lots of money in real estate investing. Some are more riskier then others. Anything to do with speculation is NEVER the … (1 comments)

real estate investing fundamentals: Real Estate Investing is Always about Local Statistics...not National - 11/02/08 11:39 AM
CREA makes it clear recent numbers are skewed
The Canadian Real Estate Associations recent report on home prices admits that they may be misleading. As discussed before many times right here, National statistics mean very little to those who want to invest. They make great headlines but have little to do with decision making for real estate investing.  Especially in towns like Barrie, Collingwood and Orillia. CREA is a national real estate body that produces statistics that always gets the headlines.
I like to think of the Canadian housing statistics as a giant bed sheet spread tight. If you but a … (1 comments)

real estate investing fundamentals: Where are home prices heading and how consumer confidence affects the market - 09/11/08 11:58 AM
The Battle of the Century- Consumer Confidence versus Economic Fundamentals
Many of you have commented that the "facts" in our current real estate market in Barrie and Orillia indicate a slowing down in home sales and price increases. Prices in some areas (Barrie's south end) have declined anywhere from 3-10% and homes solds has declined to 2006 levels. Yet in many recent articles we have made comments on the strength of the economic fundamentals. So what's going on?
This article can go on forever to re-explain fundamentals, but in a nutshell, consumer confidence is a non-fundamental factor that influences the market. … (0 comments)

real estate investing fundamentals: The "Good" behind Housing Price Corrections in Barrie,Orillia and Midland - 09/07/08 04:27 AM
The Bright Side of Real Estate Price Corrections
With the headlines blasting out how much equity we have all lost in our homes and property investments in most major markets (they call them "Price Corrections"), I thought I would analyze where a price correction comes from and why it's a "good" thing. As well apply it to where I focus our real estate investing efforts, in the Barrie, Orillia, Innisfil and Midland real estate housing markets.
I can't help but view a price correction as a necessary component of a healthy real estate market.  That it is a necessary correction that keeps … (0 comments)

real estate investing fundamentals: Canadian Real it affected by the negative Stock Market Headlines? - 09/05/08 02:39 AM
Todays financial headlines sure sounds bad....
Once again I read the papers today and the headlines blare out a collapsing stock market.."Worse drop then in 2000"...reads the National Post. I myself get caught up in the headlines. It is difficult to sip a tall, cool one while reading all this negative news. I have to step back and once again consider the fundamentals of where my (and maybe even yours) real estate portfolio lies.
So do I take my own advice from past blog postings and not panic? ...Do I really have a choice?. The answer is yes I have to take … (1 comments)

real estate investing fundamentals: Canadian Real Estate News the economy Up or Down??? - 08/29/08 06:41 AM
In Real estate there are always conflicting news headlines. One says good economic news another says bad.
As reported (blogged) before and here again I say LOOK AT THE FUNDEMNATALS. I read today "US economy posts robust Q2 3.3% gains"... (National Post) and right beside it "Canada's surplus rises to $6.8Billion" . Hardly recessionary wording. Yet yesterday I read "US prices rise, housing Slump Deepens" (Globe and Mail) and "US Home builder stay grim". 
In a two day period these are the financial headlines. As home owners and real estate investors what are we to make of all this conflicting news?  … (0 comments)

real estate investing fundamentals: Canadian Real Estate Investing Fundamentals #4 - 07/20/08 08:25 AM
The Ripple Effect
This investing fundamental can be seen as a strategy for investing in real estate. That is, once you understand how it works you can use it as part of your investment property strategy.
The Ripple effect is very much like it sounds. Simply put, if you drop a pebble in a quiet still pond, the pebble hitting the water will create a "ripple effect" of water movement away from the centre in concentric circles. And the further out the concentric circles travel the less of a disturbance it creates. That is, the effect diminishes as it travels outward … (0 comments)

real estate investing fundamentals: Barrie Ontario -Number one for Housing Starts in Canada - 07/11/08 02:31 AM
Once Again Barrie Ontario leads the way for Housing starts for all of Canada
CMHC has released its CMA (Census Metropolitan Area) report for housing starts, year over year change. Although Alberta has been in the news recently with all its booming real estate growth, Barrie Ontario once again tops the list at a whopping 114% increase. The second place for housing starts was Kelowna BC, at almost half what Barrie is, at a year over year change increase of 61%. As a comparison, and to put things into perspective, Edmonton has seen a -42% change in its housing starts.
What … (0 comments)

real estate investing fundamentals: Canadian Real Estate Investing Fundamentals #3 - 07/03/08 10:49 PM
Real Estate Investing Fundamental #3 
Local vs. National
Real estate investment analysis needs to take into consideration many factors. The study of various  property statistics is required. Research into economic factors and then crunching those numbers are all necessary to make an informed investment decision. Before we analyze these numbers however, it is vital that we look at the RIGHT STATISTICS AND NUMBERS.  I would encourage you to not waste your time crunching numbers that really do not affect your purchasing decision. Simply put, when the news media spouts out National real estate statistics, they are only broad references that have … (1 comments)

real estate investing fundamentals: Barrie Highway changes to bring Real Estate Development - 07/03/08 04:52 AM
What does this mean for Barrie real estate Values?
Barrie city council approved 2 more major highway development projects at Essa Rd, and Harvie Rd both at the 400 interchanges. A third interchange development is slated for Duckworth street exit and 400. as well.
The interesting news is that the large tract of land at the corner of Duckworh and Cundles is slated for another Home Depot to be built once the interchange is approved.
What does this mean for real estate? Well lets look at Mapleview and 400 interchange. We can certainly argue both points ( development is good for  real … (0 comments)

real estate investing fundamentals: The Bright side of Inflation - 06/19/08 01:17 PM
My cup is half full viewpoint...
With all the recent talk of the BOC holding interest rates steady, and more importantly the insinuations that inflation is creeping into our economy, I couldn't help but think of how that will affect real estate, and especially what this blog is about, investment properties.
Inflation is not all bad. Yes interest rates "may" go up. Yes our utility bills ( not to mention gas...) will go up. But here is my optimistic side kicking in again. Inflation slows down first time buyers from purchasing new homes. Which affects vacancy rates ( they go down … (2 comments)

real estate investing fundamentals: Canadian Real Estate Investing Fundamental #2 - 06/15/08 03:29 PM
Canadian Real estate Investing Fundamental #2
With all the talk of a declining market, or "we are in a down cycle" i.e. sub-prime mess, I thought it would be best to discuss an investing fundamental that makes you money in any cycle, up or down.
And let me be clear on what a fundamental really is....a real estate investing fundamental is true for all markets whether you are in Canada, the U.S., or Asian real estate. It is a basic principle of all real estate investing. It is a foundational principle of real estate investing.
Investing Fundamental #2- Mortgage Paydown
No matter … (1 comments)

real estate investing fundamentals: Canadian Real Estate Investing Fundamentals #1 - 04/16/08 10:03 PM
Canadian Real Estate Investing Fundamentals -#1
If you are already a sophisticated real estate investor then you probably already know the fundamentals of what makes real estate so attractive and unique when compared to other investment vehicles. These series of articles will start with basic real estate foundations for investing and move up into more complex investing techniques as we go along.
Before I entered into real estate investing full time I was a financial planner selling mutual funds, insurance and the like. It was from this background that I forged the fundamentals of real estate investing. When comparisons are drawn … (3 comments)