marketing tools: 3 Easy Opt-ins You Can Create Today - 04/07/15 03:09 AM
Getting someone to give you their email address today is hard. That's because so many people have been spammed and now, understandably, are much more wary of giving out their email.
So, in order to successfully get those email addresses today you need to do two things. The first is offer something of true value, and the second is be creative. 
With so much online marketing coming our way everyday, we're desensitized to seeing the same old offer every week "sign up and join my email newsletter." Doesn't exactly get the blood rushing, now does it?
Let's fix that, today. Here are three creative … (2 comments)

marketing tools: Why Long Tail Keywords Can be Huge for Your Business - 02/17/15 05:14 AM
Have You Googled Yourself?
I know, it's kind of a strange question, unless you're looking for some newfound celebrity. But, when it comes to being found online the very first thing you need is an online presence. 
Many of the most successful real estate agents are really focusing in on building their online brand. That can be through getting active on social media, having a blog, being seen as an area real estate expert, and making nice websites for their area or expertise. 
How much of these are you doing?
What a lot of agents have found … (0 comments)

marketing tools: 5 Tips to Improve Your Twitter Skills - 01/30/15 04:41 AM
One of the biggest issues people find when using social media is trying to still come across as a human. This is especially true when you are part of a brand. 
The good news there are a couple of easy things you can do to promote your brand on Twitter and also showcase your personality as well. This is going to help you gain more followers, have higher engagement and add some potential leads to your pipeline.
Let's take a look.
1. Use a variety of media. Don't just stick to text. You can use all sorts of tools to insert … (4 comments)

marketing tools: How Are You Using Social Media in Your Business? - 01/22/15 01:16 AM
I'm sure by now you've all heard how important social media is for your business. Social media provides an interesting platform for real estate professionals. Especially considering the vast majority of people who are looking to buy and sell a home are looking online first.
The problem is, social media is a lot more complicated than it seems. Everyone says "Oh start a Twitter account, get on Facebook and leads, leads, leads!" That's not quite how it happens. And, if you've been experimenting with social media you probably already know this.
One of the biggest mistakes I've seen in … (3 comments)

marketing tools: 3 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Blog - 11/23/14 08:33 AM
It's official, the blog has become mainstream. So much so if you don't have one you can actually be doing damage to your brand, and let your competition pass you by. Since there is only a finite amount of buyers and sellers out there, why should you give other agents a head start? Your blog is a great way to get warm leads and bring in potential clients. The good news is your real estate blog is pretty easy to get started. The bad news is it's even easier to screw up. Don't let that happen! Follow these tips and take … (1 comments)

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