pinterest: The Best Times to Post on Social Media - 04/17/15 11:50 AM
You might have seen a few infographics floating around about the best times to post on social media. If you haven't it's a good idea to take a look. 
One mistake people often make is they think posting everything at the same time is a good idea. Unfortunatley, that usually isn't the case.
You see you can attract a lot of different people to your website if you work on posting your Tweets, blog posts, Facebook posts and even YouTube videos all at different times during the week. 
These stats from QuickSprout provide one of my favorite looks at the best times to post on social … (4 comments)

pinterest: How Are You Using Social Media in Your Business? - 01/22/15 01:16 AM
I'm sure by now you've all heard how important social media is for your business. Social media provides an interesting platform for real estate professionals. Especially considering the vast majority of people who are looking to buy and sell a home are looking online first.
The problem is, social media is a lot more complicated than it seems. Everyone says "Oh start a Twitter account, get on Facebook and leads, leads, leads!" That's not quite how it happens. And, if you've been experimenting with social media you probably already know this.
One of the biggest mistakes I've seen in … (3 comments)

pinterest: Are You Making These Common Social Media Mistakes? - 11/20/14 07:19 AM
Social media might seem easy, but it isn't. It's a lot more than just putting up a generic post or tweet and calling it a day. The sad thing is, a lot of people make the same mistakes on social media over and over again. Even big brands. Do you want to identify yourself as a social media newbie right off the bat? Didn't think so. Making sure you are using social media the correct way right off the bat is going to really pay off in the long run (and might even bring in a few potential clients). Let's get … (2 comments)

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