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How do you invest your most valuable asset—time?  What's the ROI?  Cost-cutting is a mindset for bootstrapping REALTORS®. Gone is the day of diversifying advertising with no analytics. Re-thinking your real estate marketing strategy means eliminating expensive traditional practices (i.e. direct ...
At least 40 percent of real estate websites generate 250 hits per month. The average Realtor® website gets 450 hits, according to a recent survey of PropertyMinder clients with AccelerAgent sites.PropertyMinder announced today an intensive personal training program for real estate professionals. ...
To help agents make the right decision, we offer a FREE 14-day trial of our easy-to-use, all-inclusive AccelerAgent websites. With that, you get marketing and technical training that covers most aspects of Internet marketing. All websites are created equal.Which website is best for you, and does ...
Real estate is a face-to-face business. You're not selling a product, per se; you're selling your services. So how do you build rapport online and turn a stranger into a lifetime customer? In an automation era, replete with automatic follow-up campaigns, people long for personal attention and au...
So a prospect clicks through your website and views a few properties. Your PropertyMinder site automatically captures his name and e-mail. What does your follow-up campaign look like? An automated message perhaps?In an attention deficit marketplace, response time matters – but not as much as wha...
120 Green Street, Santa Cruz, CA If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then save your breath and show me. Don’t tell me. A property’s “pix appeal” or attractiveness in photos posted in online listings, lures buyers and drives sales. “The photos are the most important thing,” says Linda Charman, bro...
PropertyMinder is proud to have served Linda Charman and Vanguard Realtors for over five years. We design virtual office websites to meet the needs of REALTORS®. Our Internet marketing tools help her work smarter and faster – giving Charman more time to build lasting relationships with clients. ...
Make sure you read all instructions in MLS. Most REO (Real Estate Owned) agents will attach a list of instructions for all agents to read before submitting an offer on a bank owned property. Please keep in mind that agents handling the bank's listings are subject to bank requirements. Documents ...

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